Lists to remember the lists…

I feel as though I need to start breaking some rules and make lists.  Preparing for the trip to Ecuador, I find myself stressing out because I think of something I need to take or do and hope I remember it.  Lately I have been understanding the reason for lists.  When you try to commit everything to memory, it can be very stressful because you are afraid you will forget something….so the questions:  why not write it down…well, here’s why.

I’ve always thought that if you make lists, then you stop looking outside the box…My opinion…people who make lists rely totally on the list – yes…perhaps they don’t forget things…but what if something doesn’t make it on the list, are they able to open their minds to think about other things or just rely on the list.  It’s just like the one button feature on your phone.  When you use the one number instead of memorizing the phone number, what happens if you are using another phone and need to call someone..where do you pull the number from…it’s not in your memory because it has been assigned one (1) number.  Especially family or numbers you call all of the time…I’m guessing that if I’m not around and “his” phone was dead, he wouldn’t even be able to call the girls because he would have no idea what their numbers are.  I”ll bet he would even have to think long and hard to know what my number is…I think he can call home without a problem and he doesn’t get lost on the way home..but he certainly wouldn’t be able to call anyone…

So..when you make a grocery list and are scurrying thru the store from one thing to another with your little pen in hand, do you even have the presence of mind to know you need salt if it isn’t on your list.  If it isn’t written down, do you even remember to pick up your psych meds even though you know you desperately need them…well, I forgot because I didn’t put them on the list.  Are you with me here?

What was I talking about???

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Lists to remember the lists…

  1. I am so ADD I couldn’t function without lists.  I don’t live by the lists because I am always remembering more things but if I didn’t have a list NOTHING would get done.  I think maybe this is the difference between an ADD person and a normal functioning person.Craig doesn’t know anyone’s phone number besides our home number or his parents number.  He doesn’t even know my cell phone number or Erik’s and we have had the same cell phone numbers for six years.  But that doesn’t bother me one bit.  He has so much other stuff rattling around in his head, I figure he just doesn’t have room for the phone numbers. @tracy – That’s funny because Craig will only buy what is on a list.  He can go to the store and if there are only six things on the list that is what he will come home with.  I know he prefers to have a list because he doesn’t have to think about it and he can just fly through the store and get home sooner.


  2. I agree with you!  Years ago when I did most of the grocery shopping I would make a list if I needed Corey to go. He would only buy the things on the list. I discovered that if I said to him “pick up things for the kids lunches” he would pick a great assortment of things. It was so much better.I am sad that I never know anyones phone numbers anymore. When exactly is this trip and how long will you be gone? And where exactly will you be going? And who is going with you?


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