So the thing about lists

I wasn’t quite sure how to start this one out…perhaps something like this: During an afternoon Zoom chat group, the topic of lists came up and I said quite innocently that I don’t make lists. The group got very quiet…one person shyly spoke up and said, “you are truly living life on the edge!”

That’s not how it played out but my blog, my story!

The thing about lists. Pretty much every person I know has a system of lists. The lists left on the counter and checked off with the task completed. The list that is made and never looked at again. The grocery list. The getting ready for a trip list. My question to you list makers is….what happens when you depend solely on the list. A list takes fear away about forgetting something…something you need, something you have to do. Check…its on the list.

So what happens when you depend on that list and no longer use just your memory….what happens if you don’t write undergarments on the list before a big trip. You mark everything off the list and must vacation commando? What happens if you don’t write toilet paper on the list and end up not thinking about the need for toilet paper while at the store because it wasn’t on the list?

I look at those list makers in my inner circle and I just shake my head at the risks they are taking.

I, obviously, am quite confident and secure with the fact that there is no evidence left to betray my memory.

Until next time….

Lists to remember the lists…

I feel as though I need to start breaking some rules and make lists.  Preparing for the trip to Ecuador, I find myself stressing out because I think of something I need to take or do and hope I remember it.  Lately I have been understanding the reason for lists.  When you try to commit everything to memory, it can be very stressful because you are afraid you will forget something….so the questions:  why not write it down…well, here’s why.

I’ve always thought that if you make lists, then you stop looking outside the box…My opinion…people who make lists rely totally on the list – yes…perhaps they don’t forget things…but what if something doesn’t make it on the list, are they able to open their minds to think about other things or just rely on the list.  It’s just like the one button feature on your phone.  When you use the one number instead of memorizing the phone number, what happens if you are using another phone and need to call someone..where do you pull the number from…it’s not in your memory because it has been assigned one (1) number.  Especially family or numbers you call all of the time…I’m guessing that if I’m not around and “his” phone was dead, he wouldn’t even be able to call the girls because he would have no idea what their numbers are.  I”ll bet he would even have to think long and hard to know what my number is…I think he can call home without a problem and he doesn’t get lost on the way home..but he certainly wouldn’t be able to call anyone…

So..when you make a grocery list and are scurrying thru the store from one thing to another with your little pen in hand, do you even have the presence of mind to know you need salt if it isn’t on your list.  If it isn’t written down, do you even remember to pick up your psych meds even though you know you desperately need them…well, I forgot because I didn’t put them on the list.  Are you with me here?

What was I talking about???

Until next time…