We have an incredible advantage traveling with Spanish speaking friends; but I must say it is not imperative to speak the language to totally experience the Hosteria Mandala at Porta Lopez Ecuador. The adorable couple who own and care that your trip is spectacular are Swiss and Italian…she is a long legged middle age blond with a happy smile…he is a braided gray hair italian with a mustache, gregarious personality…Antonio and daaa-veed are the waiters who greet you every meal, are happy you are here and remember your habits. During our first night here, Dave made the comment that it is so wonderful that they can make a lot of mistakes and not ruin it. My biggest complaint is the puckering fruit juice they feed me every morning. I could add sugar but why? It Is the experience I wouldn’t want to miss. Because Dave understands the language and can speak the language, we have been a little more adventuress. We drove two hours down the coast yesterday and witnessed incredible beauty not marred by American standards. I do not and will not understand the lifestyle of simplicity and living standards in the villages but this is my issue not there’s. They are doing fine and do not need my sympathy. Christa took high school Spanish and has figured out word association in order to learn phrasing. It is shockingly easy to pick up. The MAndala is all inclusive in theory but without the set price. They just keep a running talley of your food and beverage expenses. Like $1.70 for a very large pilsner. Presently laying I. Hammocks in the beach cabana. Be back soon

4 thoughts on “Ecuador

  1. It sounds wonderful!  I am happy that it sounds like you are having a good time!  Now off to fb to see those pictures Tracy mentioned.


  2. Mmmmmmm….Pilsner…and my only Spanish word is “cervesa”Maybe the villagers will rise up and overthrow their American appointed overlords while you are there…that would be excitingVIVA la revolution!!!!!!!!


  3. Which are apparently on your FB & I missed them. Oops!


  4. I can not wait to see pictures!!


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