One thing leads to another..

I was kind of surprised yesterday that several people took my rant about the news via Paula Deen was about Paula Deen and diabetes rather than the control media has over us.  But then I posted via my work mate on Facebook an article from Gawker and it was about Paula Deen and her “add another penny to her piggy back” media frenzy and it made sense.  First..I’m the first person to not bad mouth Paula Deen’s weight or diagnosis.  I’m simply quite irritated that her enlightenment is money related…and before I hear that all of these “celebrities” are getting rich doing what she is doing..I say…YA do I need to say more?  I don’t have to listen if I don’t want to listen to it.

Likewise…I really dislike the media no matter how they dress themselves up.  I hate what it has become…but I also know that there is value in having the media lurking over the liars and cheaters making decisions about my livelihood.
I don’t want politically correct news.  If there is nothing going on today, anywhere, that you can enlighten us with – send me back to the Young and the Restless or Housewives of ___________.  That’s where I go for fluff, the ridiculous and the entertaining.  Report the news and leave the entertainment to those who get paid big bucks to do it. …..and this insane idea that we want to see the anchors have personalities…I walk out of the room when they are doing this little poo poo giggly because it drives me crazy.  I want the news…I want it straight and I want it delivered by someone who looks like they really know about it and care about it…and when I said straight..I didn’t mean straight vs gay…

I’m irritable today – but I feel better now….let me have it if you don’t agree…it won’t bother me…it may lead to another rant tomorrow…but you don’t have to read it.

Until next time….

8 thoughts on “One thing leads to another..

  1. I think PD missed an opportunity to disclose her diagnosis when she received it and then adjust her recipes accordingly.  Instead, she kept quiet until she could make a buck off of the situation.  I don’t know who does her PR, but they need to be fired.


  2. News on tv isn’t news, it’s entertainment. I watch cnn or msnbc when I’m in the mood for news, but even they aren’t usually focusing on what I want to hear about. And too much of what I do want to hear about just depresses me anyway so I kind back off the news when it starts depressing me or making me want to throttle someone.. Know what else I hate tho? All the stinking talk shows…they are just “let’s fawn all over celebrities” shows. I can’t stand that crap. As for Paula…love her, but she freaking made bacon wrapped deep fried mac and cheese. I think that’s what gets ppl going. As for making money off from it, she comes from poverty so I guess I can see what she’s thinking…I wonder if her recipes will change much, or maybe she’ll just add some healthier choices…


  3. @Ninasusan – Have you tried reading Time online?  Do you have a good local paper that has an online presence?  I think the key to not feeling out of the loop is finding good sources and sticking with them.I have also found that if my head is a mess then I need to be extra careful about what I load back into it.  High stress times (for me) are good times to get less news because I find that I over react about dumb stories that I shouldn’t even care about.I actually have a lot to say about Paula Deen but I am not sure how much energy I want to put into that and I am feeling very ADD and it is hard for me to organize my thoughts during these times.  Maybe one day you will find a post about her but most likely not.Have a great night Nina.  You are a treasure!!! 


  4. @skanickadee – didn’t know if you would get above because I just started typing before I put the @ stuff. 


  5. Good idea!!  I agree about the Huffington Post..I only go there now for the John Stewart stuff or the comedy…I pretty much just started avoiding anything to do with the news then I feel I’m uninformed…and I swear…my local news just drives me into a rage with all this big hair cutesy crap..I basically now only watch CBS news at 5:30.  That’s it. What’s worse…uninformed or misinformed.About Paula Deen..You know..when I started out it was so not about Paula Deen – other than the crazy media teasers constantly…It really wasn’t about Paula Deen and still isn’t..although that gawker story really got me going – perhaps mis-informed.  I think it has been my mood for a couple of days…You are right..the media can only control if I let it.  that’s my mantra about a lot of other things but really hadn’t thought about it relative to the media.@skanickadee


  6. Although I like some celebrity news, well gossip, that is more honest than to call it news.  BUT it shouldn’t be included with news.  I went to a few sites yesterday and more of the news was entertainment gossip than actual news.I totally didn’t get where you were coming from.  I read the Gawker article and I found it fairly offensive.  I have no issue with anything Paula Deen has done.  It is her life and she has to answer for it so if she chose not to tell people she had diabetes for awhile that is her prerogative.   Phil Mickelson, the golfer has done the same thing with an arthritis medicine but you don’t hear people screaming about that and yes I know the situation is a bit different.It is the media’s job to get more readers/watchers so they will sensationalize everything and really, that is not new but maybe worse.The onus is on you.  Have a news blackout or find better sources of news.  I use to read Huffington Post a lot but I always came away angry.  I thought I liked HP but it just made me mad because a lot of their articles were written to make people mad.  I don’t go there anymore.  David suggested to me to watch Al Jazeera in the morning instead of the morning shows.  For awhile BBC news was on, too but it isn’t anymore.  Either of those are much better than the American morning shows.The media can only control you if you let it.  Turn things off, find other sources.  If people want to talk to you about a “news” story, tell them you are on a news black out.  If fact, I am issuing you a challenge.  Take one weekend when you are going to be home and not working and purposefully don’t watch or read any news.  See if you feel better.  I’m not saying no internet or no TV you just can’t watch or read any news.  Get Phil to participate with you, if you can.


  7. I thought it was about the media. I hate that every celebrity haircut and divorce is “news”. Entertainment news belongs on entertainment news shows. NOT my breaking news emails.I watched the Today show for decades while getting ready for work every morning and had to stop a few years ago because of the sensationalism. Just couldn’t take one more “exclusive interview”.


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