Not just the future….

One of those lonely Sunday nights…Kids were home this weekend and left this afternoon.  We went with Katy and Luke to Hu Hot in  Ankeny to meet with Russ, Becky and Henry (my favorite child)!  Jenny headed back to Kansas City.  We had a fun weekend…stayed up way too late Friday night..I think I only got about 4 hours of sleep but I was running on joy.  We got Luke the Awkward Photos board game…very fun!  We giggled until our stomachs hurt.  Just for the record, I was the HUGE winner .  They were all very pleased to see the winner so happy.  

He’s watching 60 minutes..some horrible show about some gawd awful place where big animals eat each other and there is lots of angst about lack of water etc etc.  I had to put on Spotify and my ear plugs because I can’t bare to hear the talking about the Wilderbeast and his dramatic ending.  I don’t know how anyone can watch this stuff!

Got the babies an electric litter box for those who don’t master the toilet training.  Got a little box that is supposed to keep the dogs from barking outside?  I don’t even mind Marly barking but Frannie sounds like a freeking annoying high pitched horn with a short in the electric cord.  Drives me nuts. 

Painting the big bathroom some time this week…going with a very interesting color of blue..I would say islands color – sunny, warm and tropical.

Boston – Rock and Roll Band to take me over to Facebook and Words With Friends.

Until next time…..

4 thoughts on “Not just the future….

  1. @Ninasusan – Batteries are the bane of our existence.  We are always out buying batteries.Have a great day Nina!


  2. @skanickadee – I will announce it if it works – believe me.  We forgot the 9 volt battery :(I’m glued to my chair this morning – but will probably paint this afternoon – pics forthcoming.


  3. I’m curious to hear if you think the box works and keeps the dogs from barking.  I’ve seen those and thought about a neighbor dog who won’t shut up.  You should take before and after pictures of your newest project.  I love how you decorate and would love to see what you will do with that bathroom.  Nina – I wish I had half of your energy!I hope it is a good week!


  4. Blue is my favorite color but I don’t have any rooms that color! This house does not get a lot of sun and I have trouble finding colors that aren’t too “cold” with the light we get. Sounds like a beautiful shade you have!


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