Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I really wanted to work in commercial radio…I took some classes..did some training at KSO radio in Des Moines and got a job as News Director of the local radio station KCOB after I got married and moved to Newton.  I loved that whole playing music, disc jockey thing but had no experience, wasn’t confident and generally didn’t want to spend all of my off time coming up with Wit.  I really enjoyed the news director job and would probably still be doing it 30 years later had the pay been better and the hours shorter….even back then, I was doing things I didn’t think were right – one of them – getting the required information for suicides, writing up the copy for the day and having to read it on the news.  I differed with the general manager as to the public’s right to know and some poor dead person’s right to privacy.  I HATED IT.  Which leads me to this tangent.

It is not possible for me to care any less about what’s her name’s diagnosed diabetes.  Why is this news, why does even the local news constantly beat me until my ears bleed telling me about her diabetes.  She is a middle age woman with some extra weight who obviously doesn’t cook healthy…why is this news…why did she release the information…ratings?  She could have done something inappropriate with butter which would have been a lot more interesting and possibly news worthy.  She has diabetes…she’s not the first, she’s not the last and it isn’t even like anyone should be shocked about it.  Stop it.

There are some days when I can’t even watch my local news because it is a production, many times not well presented and frankly, reminds me of the tabloid gossip shows on the big ole networks!  It’s disgusting. 

By the way…I have no interest in how skinny and unhealthy Demi Moore looks.

Until next time…..

10 thoughts on “I DON”T CARE!!!

  1. I saw the headline in the paper and began to laugh.  I thought, “Well, duh!”


  2. @Ghog – I agree with Katy – I get my news from John Stewart 🙂


  3. Apparently Paula Deen has known for 3 years about her diabetes.  Some people are mad that she was not forthcoming about it, and continuing to shove unhealthy food at people, knowing the results.  But yes, shouldn’t people know what will happen, themselves?Kathi


  4. Well old “whats her name” is going to be doing advertising for a new diabetes medication and probably picking up some very cool cash worthy of a government stimulus package. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that she actually has stock in the pharmaceutical company that produces it. She also has considerable clout in the television industry so when she says she has an announcement, everyone listens. It’s all designed eventually to lead to her advertising campaign for this medicine that she will no doubt be using.But seriously, why is half the crap on the news…on the news at all? It’s to distract us from the real crap that’s going on so we don’t get mad as hell and demand that someone do something about it. Why do I care if Justin Beiber dyed his hair blue of if Madonna and Elton are fighting over an award? Much of the news is also designed to incite us in anger against each other and divide us. The folks that really run the world want us divided and angry with each other. We are easier to manage that way, more easily ripped off and less able to get things done that need to be done.Main stream media is the mouth piece for the government. Take a look at some news websites overseas in Europe or Asia. They cover important things that we never hear about here…they also tend to cover the local fluff though like the Queen’s recent angst of Charles marrying Camille or whatever her name is. It’s all crap.My advise? Check out some alternate news websites even from the US. They are far more entertaining and informative. Start with this one: http://www.activistpost.com/and try this one: http://seeker401.wordpress.com/ Follow the links in the posts from this one to the real news articles.Try it…You won’t be able to stop


  5. @Ninasusan – I really am surprised that I did not get a CNN breaking News email about this. I know it sounds like I am being sarcastic, but sadly I am not!  My husband got diagnosed with diabetes and I don’t remember the world being startled.


  6. I am happy to say that I have no idea who you are talking about. The benefit of having to leave the house at some ungodly early hour!


  7. Oh, and I don’t think if a person committed suicide needs to be public knowledge.  How awful!


  8. I’m with you on this subject.  I am not interested.  Most news shows are just crap anymore.


  9. poor Paula… I wonder if she’ll now start cooking more healthily and lose weight– or possibly become spokesperson for weight watchers…


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