The Pope and Susan Sarandon….

Okay…the latest media blitz…Susan Sarandon irritating the Pope supporters.  This falls under ‘I may not agree with what you say but I defend your right to say it’.  I am not a catholic religion supporter and think the Pope’s leadership among catholic believers is idolatry.  There is no way I”m going to say anything bad about the Jewish people…I may not agree with their beliefs but they have no more explaining or defending to do in my humble opinion….and this really is not intended to be about catholics…this is freedom of speech, pure and simple.

I haven’t watched Dead Man Walking – so I had to wiki the movie and read several other news clips about the travesty of Susan Sarandon referring to the current Pope as a Nazi..actually what she said was The last One…not this Nazi one we have now.  Yes..if I were a catholic, this would probably piss me off, just like anti Bill Clinton comments piss me off…or speaking in vane about anything that I hold dear would irritate me..but do you have a right to think it and say it – absolutely…should you be tactful and respectful – probably….do the Catholics have a right to be red in the face about the comment – yup…do they have a right to speak out about it – yes they do…does Susan Sarandon need to apologize  – no…not unless she feels in her heart that she is sorry for what she said or how she said it…not because someone or a group doesn’t like what she says.  I, personally, hope she hangs tough for the principle of free speech…

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5 thoughts on “The Pope and Susan Sarandon….

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  2. I think I’ve read that the current pope was a member of the Hitler Youth when younger, so she wasn’t just name-calling.  As a Catholic (mostly former, but whatever) I have to tell you that while I get the concept of the pope, it’s a bit hard to defend in light of some of the men who have held that office.  


  3. I have never understood the whole pope thing….


  4. Put down the coffee cup and back away from the computer. You will be all right.Actually, and far be it from me to stand up for Ms Sarandon, but the fact is that the current Pope was a supporter of the 3rd Reich when he was a young priest in Germany and his Brother WAS a NAZI.  So there was something near factual in her allegation.It’s much like when I say that Bill Clinton is a womanizing adulterer and and alledged rapist… but wait, that’s entirely factual…I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. My free speech centers were overwhelmed with glossalalia. Please forgive me for stating what eveyone knows…but if your good him despite those facts, that’s fine.(;>)))))))))))))))))))))) 


  5. I am with you. I absolutely think people should have respect and tolerance in their speech and attitudes and just not say stupid hurtful things, but I also think no one should be allowed to wear Uggs and pajama pants. Neither of these things are under my control, nor should they be. 


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