I love the groundhog!

Even though he is capricious.  His daily blog over on blogspot.com could be there or it might not be there or it may be many months in arrears or it may be a daily blog…  He’s a teenage friend of mine…he’s not teenage now by any means..he used to have the most beautiful straight red hair that was always coiffed…..he is still particular about his hair.  We agree on a few things..sometimes I know he argues with me just for the sake of arguing..and I’m not as argumentative as I used to be so sometimes I let him get by with absolutely horrible opinions.  He is very smart..too smart for even my richest brain cells…but I think he loves me anyway.  He used the word glossalalia while responding to yesterday’s blog entry…WHAT…I had to look it up and then I realized it was a groundhog word.  Our politics are close but far, he doesn’t have the same appreciation for Bill Clinton that I do and I think he is way too serious…I’ve often wondered if he is a conspiracy theorist…perhaps a topic of discussion for the near future.

After a 40 year friendship, I’m pretty sure I’ve only gotten to the second layer of this very complicated man.  He’s going to hate being the topic of discussion in my blog today.  But he is on my mind today so he is the topic.

He and my friend Rod…aka Wod…who I dreamed last night was having an argument with Mandy – my hairdresser about how to highlight my hair and actually started giving me a short cut when she turned her back..he was holding the scissors right and everything.  He hates coloring long hair…He’s another complicated man with a tude…hmmmm…is it me?

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “I love the groundhog!

  1. @strawberryfieldsgirl – I’m so with you…but sometimes, I just get tired of fighting..feel like it is always uphill..then I have to stop and get perspective..


  2. I could very easily be a conspiracy theorist. Besides politics, dealing with this hydrofracking bs (well you know what bs means. hydrofracking is a technique used to extract natural gas from shale, big oil and gas are taking over the freaking world because they have so much money they can buy studies and law makers and too many of the american sheeple believe anything they hear)–see there I go. Anyway there is soo much wrong with our “system” I have big problems with the educational system, pharmacology, the enviroment, food, farms and yeah I could on and on and on about so many things that might seem random but when you get down to it are all inter related. It’s all about power and greed and it’s not pretty.It doesn’t take too much to go from there….there is so much wrong…and then there are kids like the occupiers who give me a glimmer of hope for the future.but like you, I have calmed down a little in my arguing ppl believe what they want and sometimes there’s just no changing that. Fun to try sometimes tho! ok i’m off to see what that ghog has to say and being a fellow redhead, that’s just a ridiculous plus 8-D


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