First on my heart today is Brett’s birthday…he would have been 43.  When the kids were in band, we were always getting ready for a band competition or having a competition on his birthday.  He always acted like he didn’t like the attention…but for most people…celebrating with him was a way to give back some love.

So….I woke up today worried about where to put the Christmas tree. CrAzY!!!! I’ve moved some things around in the living room and my Christmas Tree spot is gone…apparently I gave this a lot of “unconscious mind” thinking.. judging how I woke up with the shock of it all.  I have a month to figure it out…”he” always loves to hear the words…I’ve got an idea…bwa hahahaha.

He and I got new cell phones yesterday… I’m very happy…the piece of crap androids we got last March had us both in little hissy fits of rage.  Freezing up – slow – forever to turn on – had to stop apps to save battery..I was really worried he was going to hurl his across the room…that is why I purchased insurance for his..okay..not the only reason…there was that fishing incident where he put the phone in the pocket of his waders…and you can probably figure it out from there.  I always roll my eyes with the story..but I agree with him..waders are waterproof…why would you not think the pocket was…

My last day off – this is my last day off from my latest cycle of  not working a 6 day week since the first of September.  Back to the grind tomorrow – working full weeks…no scheduled extra time off until Christmas…how depressing and now I’ve got the Christmas tree to worry about….

Until next time….

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  1. What a wonderful person Brett must have been!  I like when people talk about friends and loved ones who have passed – in a way, I feel it keeps their spirits with us.  We have a good place for our tree but it is not where I would most like it.  I like having the tree in front of the window but that isn’t possible without moving everything so it goes next to the piano.  I’ll be interested in what you decide on doing and then of course, you’ll have to show us a picture. I enjoy when you are off and we play that game. 


  2. @strawberryfieldsgirl – No…Brett was my kids band director who become one of my best friends…he passed from lymphoma about 1 year and 1/2 ago.


  3. I love hearing you talk about Brett because your love and affection shows for him in every word.What kind of phone did you get?


  4. I think all men hate to hear those words, “I’ve got an idea” makes them shudder LOL!I start thinking about where to put the tree as soon as the leaves start falling…and i’ve changed things and am not sure where it’ll go yet either :)My condolences since you said “would have been”…Is Brett your son? 


  5. I personally would love to keep the Christmas tree up all year long but I think my husband would kill me 🙂 


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