I constantly wonder about..


I think dreams help us work things out in our subconscious that we can’t work out in our conscious. Not that long ago, I tore a dream apart with my therapist..it was a one of those repeat dreams that are almost a nightmare. Can’t find my high school locker, can’t open it, can’t find my class, can’t remember my class schedule, can’t find the office. Just exhausting! Once we took an hour to tear it apart, I made a lot of connections to the same emotions I feel in my awake life. Amazing.

I’ve been up for an hour and last night’s dream won’t give me rest…I keep thinking about it. My dad and mother, Uncle Bob and Aunt Denise and Aunt Ruby were there in my kitchen…My dad and Uncle Bob were over by the sink and Aunt Ruby remarked just look at them…I knew they would work it out. That’s all I remember. Significant? My dad and his family had a falling out when my Grandma Green passed. It affected me by removing my aunt and uncle from my dad’s side along with all of the cousins. Blessedly, one cousin reached out to me after Helen passed…that relationship has become one of the most important of my life.

Back to the dream…I’m trying to figure out…am I making peace with everything so I don’t have to feel lost anymore…sort of a forgiving or forgiven dream? peace of mind? I don’t believe that Dad and Uncle Bob are up there floating around on the same cloud that looks like a tractor. I think dreams mean something..or maybe it has nothing to do with my family and more to do with my daughter’s new family? My older daughter’s separation from her in-law family…

Maybe it is a contentment dream – nothing else…just peace falling upon my shoulders?

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “I constantly wonder about..

  1. I think it sounds like a nice dream, but such a small unique snippet that it would haunt me all day to. 


  2. People that study sleep and sleeping disorders will tell you that dreams allow us to go quietly insane every night in our sleep and it helps us relieve the stress of the day. Sigmund Freud however, thought dreams meant something, that they were borne deep in our subconscious and the answers to them could be explained by our real life events and traumas.Most of my dreams are crazy. They make very little sense and sometimes I think Freud was looking for answers where there were none or looking for answers to his own anguish which was considerable. Then I think about the recurring dream I used to have as a child. I’m at Grandma’s house with Mom and Dad. A tornado is coming. Everyone is seeking shelter in the basement, but I am outside in the yard sitting crosslegged on the lawn watching the approaching storm. I am not scared. As the funnels form, I know I am in control of what they will do. I can prevent this. All the while they menace me as I sit there staring them down, forcing them away from me with my mind. Gradually the clouds break and then I’m awake and filled with a sense of power and security. How many 10 year olds feel that way? I did. Weird huh?   


  3. I think you are right……you work things out in dreams that are hard to work out while awake…..What dreams mean ~ that’s a tough one.  Hope it is a contentment dream and you’ll find peace


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