Procrastination and Anxiety

I am not a procrastinator for the most part…but, of late, I find myself totally overwhelmed with things I need to do..things I have logged in my mind…and I have no idea why I can’t get it together and get them done.  When Katy was getting down to the wire planning the wedding, she called with the typical OMG anxiety…with a lot on her mind.  I told her simply to make notes.  Now I”m not normally a note maker because somehow it feels less competent than remembering everything..but that was my advice to her.  and yes…I know my lack of note taking and the reason behind it just sounds ignorant!!

I get to that place when I have completed a project and what..then the thousand things start their parade thru my mind and I feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Today I made the doc appointment, the mammo appointment and the post office passport app appointment.  I feel better…sort of..but what am I forgetting?

Until next time…

One thought on “Procrastination and Anxiety

  1. Nina – you need to be more gentle with yourself.  You have had so many changes within the past couple of years that your psyche is still coming to terms with it all and now you have just married off a daughter.  LOTS & LOTS happening in your life – it is kind of amazing you are doing as well as you are.  It is ok not to be perfect in your own eyes.  I think maybe so much was demanded of you that you now impose unrealistic demands on yourself.  Start making notes, be gentle on yourself, don’t take too much on, learn to say no, and ask for help.  In time all of those organizational skills will come back or maybe you will to accept and enjoy putting fewer demands on yourself.You are a wonderful person – Ninasusan!  And I like you just the way you are! 


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