Down to the wire

Today is my prep day for the mother of the bride roll. I need to wash whites, lay everything I’m taking out on the bed, pack the suitcase, nag him about getting his stuff out so I can approve, iron and micro-manage. These situations always cause me to go into Helen mode. I know it, I try to be gentle – I don’t make lists very often so I have to keep it all in the noggin’ and that is very stressful…so I react to things not of my liking..rather than my normal personality trait of keeping it all inside until something really pisses me off, then blow. Have only really done that a few times in my life..but it ain’t pretty.

I spent the evening last night at the computer desk, adding songs to my ipod and doing the business side of life..paying bills, making sure everything is taken care of because I am going to be gone for 5 days. I slapped on the ear phones – not the ear buds which hurt my ears – and rocked out to some of my favorite songs. Don’t know why I don’t do that everyday…it puts me in a much better I don’t have to listen to the dialog and music from the shows “he” is watching on TV…CrAzY!!

If my wonderful house sitter weren’t coming, I’d be tempted to break with tradition and leave it lived in. I always totally clean the house before we go anywhere…I learned it and I taught it…I used to joke it was in case I came home in a body bag, I didn’t want people coming here and thinking I was a slob…Learning to stop being a people pleaser and caring what everybody thinks is something I’m working on in therapy…

So…I’m off now to do some “stuff”…think I’ll clip on the IPOD shuffle and totally enjoy may day..Billy laying beside the computer on the computer desk also reminds me that I need to bathe at some point.

Until next time…..

5 thoughts on “Down to the wire

  1. I agree music does wonders for the soul!! I always clean before I leave too. Hate coming home to a dirty house when there’s always so much else to do when you get home. Of course “clean” is a matter of perception lolI hope you enjoy your mother of the bride roll. I did, those brides can get a little nerve wracked at the last minute, everyone telling them what they think about everything. Which is why a bride needs her mom! lolHave a great trip1


  2. I like the new design. The color and the shapes remind me of cannabis


  3. It is an exciting and stressful time for you.  I hope you can get all you need to get done without it being too stressful and overwhelming.  I hope you are able to enjoy the moment.We always joke that we have to have the house clean before we go anywhere but are never quite that successful.  Old habits die hard – huh?I hope all your preparations go well and that you are able to relax and enjoy the celebration!


  4. MP3 players really are wonderful. I feel so much better when I can have some time to just listen to music. That’s how I got myself hooked on riding my bike. It was a good place to just listen. I am excited for your wedding!  well, you know what I mean. I bet it will be wonderful.


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