The Gloeckner Family

The wedding is memories and reminiscing and loving the pictures!! The actual ceremony tugged at my heart which was actually a surprise to me. I have been so excited about my new “official” son-in-law and my daughter tying up the final strands of her relationship with him. I was quite taken by surprise when I choked up while being seated at the wedding…hard-to-control-not-sobbing as “he” walked her down the aisle – tears of absolute joy!!

The Gloeckner family has their eccentrics, their black sheep, their little disagreements but they are family – first and foremost. They took us in – made us feel like we are another branch of the tree. It feels good. The interwoven thread seems to be Family is what holds everything together…No matter where they may choose to put down roots, the family always has each other’s backs and genuinely cares what happens to each other. There is nothing that keeps them from supporting each other when it rains or celebrating when the sun is brightly shining. I love that they are teaching this next new generation the value of family, the respectful titles of Aunt and Uncle, the labels are labels but they also tie the quilt of the family together.

It still brings tears to my eyes the goodbyes we said… we, the Browns and Gloeckners, already love the person that our family member has chosen…and when we aren’t there to cradle them – the other branches of the tree will be. It feels good. I believe it is the way it should be..I’m very thankful Katy is a part of it.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “The Gloeckner Family

  1. Funny i was thinking the same thing about the “Brown” family when my daughter married in August. ok, so it’s obviously a different Brown family but….lol It’s some kind of strange relief when your daughter marries into a nice family! Or your son for that matter. I’m glad things went well and you enjoyed.It’s quite a milestone in a mom’s life isn’t it! 


  2. @tracy – Thank you…my emotions have been turned inside out over the last couple of months.  Really wanted to stop and see you day before yesterday…I saw that you checked into the “center”…just didn’t know what to do….are you still feeling crunchy?


  3. I’m a wedding weeper.  I could weep at a wedding for someone I didn’t know.  I don’t know why.Before I was married some very wise person told me you just don’t marry the man, you marry the family as well.  It is good that they love your Katy and that they are extending the family branches.  It really makes for a more wonderful life even if there a few bumps along the way.


  4. I do not know how you could not get a little choked up at that moment.Your family all looked so wonderful. I’m very happy for you!


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