It’s nine eleven

I was working 911 on 911/2001..I have never been able to get the reference out of my mind.

I’ve always been one of those people who is a patriotic crier. It doesn’t have to be the actual acts of patriotism. the songs get me too…songs and flag waving. Makes me tear up every time. Back in the good ole days when Katy and I traveled around watching drum corp shows..especially the championships, I would be reduced to a quivering mass during the America/O Canada finale…

My dad died in January of 2001…I often wonder how he would have reacted and after much inner thought, what words he would have used after the assault on America.

I’ve been hesitant about football today..somewhere in my seems wrong to be obnoxiously excited about the season’s official Sunday start today and the enjoyable trash talking that usually accompanies Sunday fantasy football. One part of me feels we should show reverance to those families remembering their loved ones… a nation we have survived and a lot of our nation’s people celebrate living in this great country with Sunday afternoon spirit.

I posted Toby Keith’s Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue on my facebook wall. Mother freedom is still ringing her bell…

Spend the day, the way you want to spend the day…lots of people have died to give you that privilege….Just remember.

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “It’s nine eleven

  1. I get teary-eyed over patriotic stuff, too.  And long-distance phone commercials.  I’m kind of pathetic that way!


  2. Me too.  when i joined the elks I was so moved by the very patriotic and american ceremony that I became an officer.  it made me tear up too.  some folks thought i was bananas.    I think 9/11/11 was done as well as it could have been in terms of both football and appropriate remberances…….


  3. I think it is ok to enjoy football.  I think the people who lost their lives would want to be remembered but also want us to go on with our lives otherwise the terrorists will have won.  So enjoy the games today.


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