First order of business…the first subscription blog up this morning was from the @transvestite_rabbit. Whether you agree or not..there is some very compelling thought to take in…if you aren’t one of those closed minded friends that I love anyway!!!

In several instances this week (and I don’t know if I’m just open because of vacation or if I’m just relaxed and willing to open my heart and mind), I’ve been surprised about my total closed mind, rigid, anal retentive opinions about some things..this, from the queen of “I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll fight for your right to say it”.

Case in point. I judge “him” about his wierd eating habits – structured meal times – inability to just be happy with a peanut butter sandwich for dinner some nights. WHO DO I THINK I AM. Our eating habits and meal times and food in general has always been and continues to be one of our biggest sources of disagreement in this house..well that and his music, his TV shows, taste in cars, plain vs busy taste in clothing, discipline of the kids and critters, along with his ability to put something out of his mind…and just relax while the sky is falling. Few things irritate me more than the notification tone on his cell phone. Quite frankly, we agree on very few things, we know it, we deal with it, we laugh about it, I get very irritated and we love each other anyway..I put up with a lot, people..he and his opinions are seldom correct. But it seems to work..we just celebrated 32 years and have been together 35. The recent buzz phrase I picked up lately is “do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy”…that one replaces “if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger” that I seriously thought about having tatooed somewhere on my body. Right underneath..Don’t touch me…are you serious and stop it, get down, get off the counter and the word, scream, which is my reaction to whatever TV show he is watching.

Back to this week. Everytime I’ve had one of these thoughts this week, I’ve asked myself – WHO DO I THINK I AM. While it IS all about me…it really ISN’T all about me. This morning, I wonder if these unselfish reality thoughts could actually change the way I think when I’m back to work and experiencing normal life.

I will have to say the music to “How It’s Made” makes me homicidal..I’m not sure I can ever change that..just like he puts his ear plugs in at night way before it’s time to sleep because he doesn’t like to hear the dialogue of Young and the Restless while relaxing to lala land.

I might add he looks adorable in his jeans and hooded sweatshirt on the lawn mower this morning..although I don’t understand this insane drive to mow the lawn when there are other things that need to be done.

Until next time….

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  1. “do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy”, she asks.Happiness is fleeting. Here today, gone by 1130 AM. Being right, however…well, that’s forever. It brings me joy, it brings me peace, it brings me contentment. Far better than happiness that’s like a sugar buzz. Others also hate it when I’m right. I must admit to enjoying that too. But the mostest, bestest feeling in the world you ask…knowing that you are wrong…I’m buzzed already…hahahahahahahahaha


  2. Is it wrong that i am smiling all the way thru this because i can so relate??  I love my husband madly, but I have to admit i have wondered what it would be like to have married the guy I had EVERYTHING in common with. I always decide that it would be really boring. Although i am perfect, I think it would be very hard to live with my twin. lol and yes that was sarcasm.I really cared about that other guy but I just could not kiss him and that seemed to matter. a lot. I sometimes have wondered if that is the thing that has kept me and my husband together for all these years. or if we’re both just really stubborn. I don’t know the answer, but I do know it still works and I can’t imagine coming home to anyone else at night. Even tho quite often, i am in the bedroom watching The Young and The Restless and he is in the living room watching the Yankees….but there is only one wal between us and both rooms happen to be set up so that we could almost hold hands around the corner, so we still talk lolOk, i talkked too much about me, but I LOVED this post! Thank you for posting it!!!


  3. hahahaha…food, clothes, cars, tv, music, discipline, the notification on his cell phone??!!, his ability to relax…for THIRTY FIVE YEARS!!  You are a better person than I am.  If this many things bugged me about my husband I would have killed him by now, and we’ve only been together 19 years.  Although, if I really think about it, I can probably come up with a pretty long list…


  4. Many years ago, I went through a Bible study class with a book called, Lord, Change Me.  While I don’t advocate being a door mat, I do believe a lot of my issues stemmed from my stubbornness and the thought that I was really the one who was right.  It really helped me to realize that sometimes the problem was my attitude.  Sometimes things aren’t necessarily wrong just different.I like “do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy”!!!  I see this with my in-laws, they have that need to be right which leads to bickering and unhappiness which leads to us not wanting to be with them.  Better to be happy.Have a great day Nina!


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