It’s hard when no sunlight gets in

Sometimes – probably more frequently than we want to admit…we get into the metaphorical forest and find it is so full of roots and trees and branches that we cannot even see which direction to go….but there is someone on the other side of the forest wanting to get in, so they are slowly clearing the path and you see a glimpse of light…you had no idea that you had been standing next to a thorn tree and whenever you tried to relax, you were being stuck by a thorn…you must start walking toward that glint of light but you realize the boots you have been wearing for a long time are worn out and no longer comfortable, you have to take them off so you can run, but you realize that your feet don’t hurt as bad with boots that don’t fit anymore as they do when you have to walk thru the thicket barefoot. The closer you get out of the forest, you start to realize you are a little bit chilly because you are no longer protected and resting in the warmth of the forest, but you make the decision to continue to your goal. As you get ready to break into the vastness of the world outside the forest, you are mixed with excitement and terror, fear and laughter as you break free of the trees and the vines that have held you in for so long. You make it out and realize how breathtakingly beautiful it is, you want to breath deep, roll in the grass, clap your hands, twirl around and laugh…just laugh…you made it.

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “It’s hard when no sunlight gets in

  1. This was really good Nina.  Thanks! 


  2. The moment you get to take that deep breath is a wonderful thing.


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