It’s just…..

Feeling a little manic this morning…not good kind of manic – I’m going to see Lisa, my therapist, this afternoon..first appointment for about 3 weeks due to life happening. We always have that initial 2 or 3 sentence greeting when I arrive and then she says..with that concerned look…How are you doing today. It kind of irritated me in the beginning because I thought it was fake..but she has used the same look and said exactly the same thing for every session which now number in the high teens. Today, I may knock her down as soon as she opens the door so I can get back to the therapy couch and start..don’t want to waste a minute of it!!

Most of the things on my mind are shrouded in privacy. Some things will remain private. Some things are my privacy while other things belong to others which are none of my business to talk about. What I will say is several events from this past week have stirred up passions and emotions from my past life; and my dreams last night were bordering on psychotic, sadness and anger by my subconscious dealing with it. I seriously don’t know whether to throw things, cuss or cry…I’m sure a couple of them will come out in Lisa’s office today…

The absolute bright spot of my weekend was a bridal shower for Katy thrown by Christa and Lys. Christa is Brett’s wife and Lys is her daughter. They held it at my house because of the size. If I counted right, I think there were 19 here…it was great fun…great to see friends, great to see Kate’s friends and great to celebrate our love for her and our love for the groom. The shower was one of great food – vegetarian and meat eater – lots of mingling and conversation, wonderful gifts and lots of laughter…

Sunday was fun for me..we spent the day in Des Moines – we visited the Science Center and the exhibit of Body Works..incredible…the explanation of how the body works using real bodies and body parts. We had coffee/ice tea down the street at Java Joes…early dinner at Hu Hot in Ankeny and then a trip to a 1930’s carousel at Union Park in DM. The girls fought me every step of the way but inspite of themselves, I think they had fun.

IMG_1309 IMG_1316

Onward and Upward…

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “It’s just…..

  1. @tracy – I knew what you meant.  I always have typos even though I always try to proof everything before I hit submit.


  2. @skanickadee – I agree.  I also think I should learn to read over my comments before hitting submit to catch typo’s. 😦  Waste. Not Was.


  3. @tracy –  Hey Tracy – I think you should try it sometime.  Really.


  4. I think it must be wonderful to have someone you can say absolutely anything to.  I wouldn’t want to was a minute of it either. I hope it was a productive appointment for you. You deserve to be content.


  5. Times like these are hard.  I have found out the hard way that it is sometimes better to schedule life around my appointments than miss the appointments.  I hope your appointment is productive and that it brings you relief and comfort.The shower looked lovely.  Your home is beautiful!When is the wedding?  I bet you are so excited!


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