It’s my Monday…..

…and I only have 3 days in my work week…thanks Jasper County for the there days off at the beginning of my work week.

My thoughts today are all over the place… I’m thinking primarily about @Tracy and her inconclusive cancer tests..and the fact that she has awesome nails.

Spent the afternoon at the ARL yesterday…due to a total change in management/employees..the board members are picking up the slack so I volunteered as a former board member.  My mind is on Pokey, the 3 month old kitten that had already been spoken for on adoption papers but something went wrong and he was struggling to live yesterday.  I fed him about 4 ounces of some life-sustaining liquid..he’s very weak but still had an incredible meow..especially when I obviously irritated him.  I also took a 13 year old chihuaua for a walk, helped with a couple of dogs who were visited by their possible future humans.  Fell in love with a yellow lab..I keep thinking about him/her..just adorable..and used skills I learned off the Dog Whisperer on a schnauzer with an attitude.  It worked, though, everytime I would go thru the pens, I would stop while he was frantically gentle and invade his space and he would actually stop barking and eventually lay down…the last time though, he layed down but started showing me his teeth…the blood was rushing to my head because I had leaned over so long and he was really starting to irritate me and I knew he would be able to feel my tension so I moved on.  He hasn’t seen the last of me. 

I hear people (and used to say it myself) I just can’t go there – it is so depressing…but I look at it totally different now.  Critters live in the moment…you have no idea how happy they are just to be out of the cage and getting some love…then they can take that back to their kennel until the next time.  It makes you feel good to spend some time with these critters that need some love and need to be “out” for awhile.  They are sooooo appreciative.  I’m available to anyone who wants someone to go with them to JCARL. 

The weather is beautiful here again today.

Until next time…..


2 thoughts on “It’s my Monday…..

  1. Those organizations are very lucky that you volunteer there.  You are a good hearted woman!


  2. You are such a good hearted person Nina. You just make people, and probably animals, that they are cared about.  It’s a wonderful thing.I have decided that inconclusive is a lot better than bad. I won’t know anything new until after they take everything out and run more biopsies. That’s entirely too many weeks to worry, so I will try not to.  Give a little kitty a snuggle for me. I miss having kitties.


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