It’s an internet love affair

I can remember not so long ago, a friend dressing me down in a group setting about my facebook habits…The whole conversation really pissed me off and I removed her icon from my circle of good friends. wasn’t just her lecture..I’m a lot more loyal than that..but that was the spark that burned down the forest. I know we are not all the same – I know we all reach out in different ways…there is not wrong or right..perhaps there is a good and bad..but that is not what today’s thoughts are about.

I have a love affair with the internet…I do not apologize for it; nor do I entertain any guilt…I’ve met some very special people who touch my life everyday..I met them on XANGA..these people would not be in my life if it were not for the WWW. I feel as close to these people in my life as the actual earthly bodies I can reach out and touch. They make me laugh and cry..I know what is going on in their life and what they think about it probably better than the earthly bodies. I’m very thankful for them.

Then there are the reconnects…when life happens, we lose contact with important people in our lives. Facebook has brought them back into my life…it just makes me feel happy. I could either be wondering what has happened to them or what is going on in their lives when they pop into my head…or I can click on their facebook page and know!

…and then there is the rest of the WWW that I use constantly..there is not an unanswerable question. The information available at our fingertips is infinite..even if you can’t spell it, you can find it.

I’m totally in LOVE. I feel sorry for people who don’t use the internet, people who haven’t found us on xanga or who don’t use Facebook…There is a huge void in their life…they don’t know it…but I do. What great advancement in technology will be next?

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “It’s an internet love affair

  1. you are right, there are some ppl who know things about who I am that the earthly ppl who see me IRL have no idea! There’s a reason for that, some things i just do not want to share with some ppl. but i have found me a kind of home here and i love that!  And I have gotten the scoff from ppl who don’t get it, I don’t pay much attention cuz basically I guess I don’t really care if ppl get it or not lolKnow what I love the most about the internet? I have become the worst speller in my old age. used to be a good one, but now i will get stuck on some simple word and not be sure how to spell it…so you just start typing that word on the google page and there it is! hahaha   Actually I use google so much that sometimes when I’m trying to remember something I will think for a second, oh I’ll just google it before I remember that I can’t exactly google Nate’s wife’s name. 🙂 yeah I do like my internet!


  2. I love the internet I don’t have an addiction but it fills in at a time when I need to de-stress.   but I do know there are a lot of weird assed people on the net just trying to find victims.   I have bonded with a few friends but I also know that I truly don’t know them as I would with a physical bond.  I like the net mostly I get a great deal of info out of it.  


  3. @tracy –  Tracy and Nina – I find a lot of women of a certain age who don’t get the internet and then act as if I am weirdo for being online.  I, too, think the web is just amazing.  With anything there are pros and cons but my goodness, the vast wealth of information is just mind boggling.  Because I am so darn hot lately I always sit in my computer chair with a fan pointed at me if we are hanging around in the front room.  We regularly have conversations where I will look something up concerning the topic of conversation.  How is that not amazing to have so much information at the tip of your fingers.I also think it is so wonderful to have made such wonderful friends like you here.  I often will compare to pen pals and then people get it.  And Tracy, I so totally envy you that you work in this business.  Totally cool!Screw them that don’t get it!  We have each other!


  4. You have to know ima with you on this one. It makes me laugh now when people say something that they think is derogatory about my internet doings. If they think I spend too much time hanging out with all  my virtual people I need only calculate the amount of time they spend conversing with the people on television. I mean, Okay I watch a freakinng ton of television as well, but usually with my iPod in my hand so I can interact with people online and play games that help me keep in contact and keep my mind alert. The people hitting the little white ball with a stick don’t ever ask me how my day was.The internet has also been invaluable in the last few years when it comes to information.The internet is also what allows me to get a paycheck!Okay..  Done now.


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