Most can’t follow my thought pattern…

I have had a few people in my life that I have connected to so closely that we shared a brain.  One of them was Brett (the friend I lost from lymphoma in April).  The last time it happened was his 1st week in the hospital…I was sitting in the room with him and I said..Oh, by the way, I sent…he said ya, I got it..thanks..I was going to tell him I forwarded the video of Katy’s teaching to his email.  I had another friend, who has since moved to another part of the state, who could follow my rambling thought process and finish my sentences or we would have some cosmic moment where we would start talking about the same thing at the same time totally unrelated to the moment.  I have varying degrees of this connection with other friends..I have a girlfriend that I always feel a sisterhood with, that will never connect with me this way because she is very, very literal…another girlfriend is more like me than she really thinks but always mentions when my thought process is all over the place although I know she follows…I know I drive some people crazy because my thought process is all over the globe..I feel like in a minute of time, I can be 60 different places in my thought process…if I happen to pick you up on my thought process, I can converse about it and my mind is still working…this isn’t like while you are talking, I’m thinking about what I’m going to say, because I can totally focus on what you are saying but my mind is still going.  It possibly is my job…having to listen, talk and think all at the same time.  I always remember the time I had a woman on the phone who thought she was having a heart attack and I had the receiver at the other ear explaining to a husband how to help his wife birth a babe before the paramedica arrived…I find that I can remember from the radio a 9 digit number (soc or Iowa driver’s license number) while talking or listening to someone on the phone…I’ve tried to figure out how this is actually accomplished…I told Phil the other day that I think it is rythem…I’m not really sure…oops…appears I got off on a tangent there…

My question of the day…why do some people totally mentally connect…others can follow a thought process from here to there back to over there and then down there and others just don’t.  I don’t understand the 31+ year connection between Phil and I and he can’t read my mind!  I used to think this was a dispatcher thing…and it may have to do with immediate, critical thinking…but I”m not sure…


By the way has a good blog today…

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4 thoughts on “Most can’t follow my thought pattern…

  1. It probably has something to do with our metaphysical energy or something. But I know what you mean about being mentally in 10 different places at once, and yet still having full attention on each of them. I find where it bugs me is I lose words. I’ve heard this is common as you get older, but I’ll be in the middle of a comment and lost the word that makes the whole sentence. I just did it before I came  here. The word was “corrupt” and it took me 5 minutes to come up with it! and there i just went off on a different path, didn’t I?! lol Sometimes when I read my own blog I wonder if I sound like a 10 year old who is just all over the place in seemingly random thoughts. Anyway…yeah I think it is just in our energy output or something. But I do enjoy reading ppl who do that kind of thing because I  do get it and it’s always interesting!!


  2. Nina, I think you have a brain that is really good at multi-tasking and you connect with others who have the same kind of brain.  My brain isn’t quite like that and sometimes I do have a problem following your discussions.  Now Craig does not have a multi-tasking brain so he and I are really on the same wavelength.  When we went for our first premarital counseling session we were give a long survey and put into two separate rooms.  When the preacher looked over the surveys he asked us if we had gotten together to answer our questions.  We hadn’t, we were already on the same wavelength.


  3. I don’t understand either and I have met some people who look at me like I am a total idiot and like I can not even put two words together to make a sentence.  They told me I made no sense, and yet with others I make perfect sense.It seemed like if we have the same interests we spoke the same language if that makes sense.


  4. I don’t understand either.  Some people just understand, and some people don’t.  I think people who can just flow without having to have straight lines get it.  More creative than staid.  Does that make sense?


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