Those volunteer fire and ems personnell

If you live in a community with volunteer fire and ems people rather than a public paid crew, please thank them someway…whether it be a case of water or soda, snacks for the next monthly meeting or send them a donation…You may not know who these people are or how much work they do in preparation of saving your life…but you should.

As a dispatcher for 9 volunteer fire/amb agencies and one paid agency, I’m here to tell you that life would not be the same without these heros.  In addition to the monthly meeting, there are classes and classes and testing they must master on their own time.  Then they get to respond at any time of the day or night to all kinds of calls whether it be Christmas, the hottest day of the year, the coldest day of the year, their anniversary, their children’s birthday..whenever you need them…they drop what they are doing and go.

A whole group of area volunteers spent 3 hours together this morning, working a mass casualty of their own making.  This was training for a school bus rollover with 24 kids on board. The incident included volunteer kids, learning how to triage patients, transporting patients, how to communicate with one another, how to communicate with the county and the hospitals training for accepting mass trauma.  Following the scenario, I made a trip over to the area involved to participate in initial critiquing.  These volunteer men and women, with clothing drenched with sweat, offered up great food, conversation and a sense of accomplishment for a job well done. 

Now if you live in a large city, you may be thinking that you will not have to deal with a bunch of non professional people trying to save your life…but remember, if you travel anywhere on the roads of the United States and out of the big city…you may be relying on a volunteer fire department or EMS when you most need help.  I’m proud to know these volunteers and am very proud  to assist them doing their jobs!


2 thoughts on “Those volunteer fire and ems personnell

  1. You never know when you might need help and where you might be.  I always am grateful for these folks who give so much of their time to help others.


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