Carpe Diem

My dad always tried to prepare me for everything.  We used to have lots of conversation with him preparing me for things that might happen…like a traffic accident – if you are in a traffic accident and are not hurt, don’t cry and scream because then the ambulance people would tend to you instead of someone that is really hurt.  These are the kind of things I learned when I was young.  In turn, not to the same extent, but I tried to prepare my daughters for every eventuality… At some point it came to me that you CANNOT prepare for everything….There is a song by the 70’s christian rock group, Second Chapter of Acts that says You don’t know which way the wind blows so how can you plan tomorrow….

When Phil and Katy and I were in DC earlier this month, I tried to focus on right now at this moment.  Right now at this moment, I’m happy…I feel love…life is good…this is where I want to be.  Sometimes I get so caught up in life that I have a difficult time just being.  I’m generally an optimistic person but wonder and “worry” sometimes about why I focus on the negative stuff…I need to be focusing on what is going right instead of what has gone wrong.

I do not want to grow old and be cantankerous and hate everything and everyone…I want to wake up every day happy that I woke up…I like that often printed adage, I want to slide into my death yelling yipeee wow…what a ride.

It’s a learnin’ thing.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. I try to remind myself — Better this side of the grass than the other.A good reminder that we all need from time to time.


  2. I also totally agree!Sieze the day!xo, MZ


  3. What a great reminder.  live in THIS moment.


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