ya. ya. ya.

It’s the first time the Saints have been to the Super Bowl….that is why everyone says they are rooting for them to win the Super Bowl…are you kidding me…somehow that just seems silly and very sensitive and unmacho for football fans.   I can’t think that would be the reason, say, if it were Cleveland or Detroit or Houston…those supporting the Saints are doing it either because of the floods and it makes us feel like we are good people and have done something if we support the New Orleans team or because Drew Brees really is a stud…I can buy that…but why…and why not the epitome of mother, apple pie, baseball  and the American dream Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts… America’s football royalty taking it all of the way.

Go Colts!!

One thought on “ya. ya. ya.

  1. OH well…Saints were on a roll…. 🙂


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