I’m worried

If you are getting tired of my rhetorical rants, please disregard this one.  I used the word “miffed” today.  One of my young bucks with a badge hadn’t heard it before.  Am I an old woman…or is this a word that isn’t used???  I am a little miffed that you are sitting on my davenport instead of worshin the winda beside the chester drawers>

Finally a relief from the weather.  We need a day to recharge before it hits again next weekend.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “I’m worried

  1. “rhetorical rant(s)” is redundant. All rants are rhetorical or they would not be rants.Davenport=couch. This is an Iowa thing, named for a furniture company in the Quad Cites. Wash is with a short “a” everywhere else. In Iowa it is warsh or the more popular woish. Italian with a long “I” is popular throughout the midwest. In Cincinnati, when you did not hear what the other person said, you do not say “pardon me?”; You say “please?” The toilet is also known as the comode. Green peppers are mangos. “Idea” also gets pronounced “ideal”, different from the northeastern “ideaer”. A “pony keg” is a drive through beer and tobacco store. A three way is spaghetti, chili and shredded colby cheese…don’t think that one wasn’t a dissappointment.In Texas, “oil” is a one syllable word and a “bag” is a “poke”.In Kentucky, you must not move your mouth when saying “Louisvile”.Bored yet? I have more!


  2. Hadn’t heard of miffed?  It’s his limited vocabulary.  If you read or travel then you’re sure to hear other words than just the ones you grew up with.    Maybe he hasn’t read or traveled much.  All I know is I’m so glad I got Tiyahs for my Caah before the Nor’Eastah hit.   


  3. I’m with Tracy and Kathi – it’s not you it is his limited language.  But my goodness, I still don’t know what the heck a davenport is. I’ll look it up –Dav·en·portA city of eastern Iowa on the Mississippi River opposite Moline andRock Island, Illinois. It grew rapidly after the first railroad bridgeacross the Mississippi was completed in 1856. Population: 99,500.Davenport, John1597-1670. English Puritan who fled to America in 1637 and helped found a colony at New Haven, Connecticut.dav·en·port n.1. A large sofa, often convertible into a bed.2.A small desk.Hmmm…maybe to you a davenport is a sofa?


  4. Hmm, I think your young bucks just need to pick up a book or start doing crossword puzzles.We got your weather here. 😦


  5. I use that word all the time!  We’re not old women – those younguns just don’t have much of a vocabulary, lol!  It’s sunny here today, too, and no snow or rain.  I’m not sure when we’re supposed to be hit again, but I’m sure we will be.  Having seen the weather on CNN just now, though, I can’t complain!Kathi


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