Whew, I feel better

From the comments I received on yesterday’s blog about my intense curiosity…I was pleased to find out that there are a lot of us crazies walking the street.  When you are face to face talking to someone, you have no idea what they are thinking about..in that little curious recess of their mind…It tickles me.  Kissed by a dog hit on another one of my things that I figured I was the only one..she drives around and sees people and wonders about them..what do they do, etc.  That is one of the things I do when I travel..wow…there are people in that house that have the same problems I do (in general) what is going on in there right now…interesting.

My other ebay cheerleader (Christa) told me that people buy the wierdest stuff and something you might think is ugly or you think no one would possibly want it, will sell easily.  She even pointed out a couple of things that I was about to inherit 🙂 …on the flipside..I have a beautiful blue bird that has been thru 2 auctions and I haven’t even gotten a “watching” flag on.  When I was photographing it for ebay, I actually thought to myself..wow..this is really pretty, I wonder if I should keep it..but I just don’t like birds that well.  Here it is.

IMG_3101 IMG_3100 IMG_3099

It is old..it has the label INARCO Japan on it, it is adorable but no one wants it…but someone wants 25 wooden spools of thread?  There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to this stuff.

Birds…there have been times in my life when I’ve wanted to be locked in a room with someone so I could beat the holy crap out of them..I’m mostly talking about murderers and sex offenders but there have been some regular people too…but the thought of being locked in a room with a little flying bird that could peck me to death makes me sweat.  Several years ago, we took the kids to Disneyworld and Universal Studios,  we thought it would be fun to see a 3D movie..glasses and all…well they were showing the old
Bird movie in 3D…I was laying in my seat screaming…the nightmare had become a reality..

Anyway…I think I got off track there…I’m off to ebay…

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Whew, I feel better

  1. Hi NINA!  It’s a pretty little bird.I have a bird story.A few years ago (like 16) my adorable family and I went to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky. (ever been?) I was wearing my favorite overall shorts.  They were so cute!  Cream colored with a nice print of flowers and leaves.  It was a very warm day and my small children and my husband and I decided to ride of the water rides!  You climb into these boats and then you ride a roller coaster on water.  Good times.  This particular water ride loaded people inside of a wooden structure.  You had to walk down 15 or 20 steps and then stand in the mass of people to wait for your ride.  It was PACKED!  It was very warm and everyone wanted to cool off.  So, anyway, we got stuck standing on the stairs in a very cramped area.  I have a small issue with being in situations where I can’t get out so I was very uncomfortable.  And then it happened.One of the demon spawn from hell sparrows that was roosting in the wooden structure flew down and apparently thought my overalls were a flower bush because he tried to land on my chest.  His little evil talons got caught in that big front pocket on the flap over my chest and there he flapped.  Those evil wings hitting me in the face and that sharp little beak pecking my chest. ARRR!   I dislike sparrows.  I have to stop my story now because it’s freaking me out.Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the sparrow that poo’d on my head when I was at the zoo.


  2. There are all kinds of little Inarco doo dads on Ebay. Keep trying!  Use the word “Vintage!”    I don’t mind birds.  We have a bunch in the woods behind us.  The cardinals are pretty to watch.  I usually feed them, but not so much lately since 2 of my cats have become indoor/outdoor.  That would be like leading the birdies to slaughter!  I’ll wait ’til winter to start feeding them again…..it keeps the cats distracted.    (and the pointy one-ever curious).    Have a good one!


  3. Good Morning Nina!I like birds, I just don’t like them flying around me.  When Erik was about 5, he and I were leaving the house to pick up Craig and a bird flew in the house.  OMG you should have heard the shrieks coming from me.  Oh and all those feathers flying off the freaked out bird.  I don’t remember how we got the thing out.  But that was awful and GROSS!I didn’t get to your post yesterday.  I let the pain get ahead of the medicine.  I’m better today. I’d have to say I love how curious you are.  I love how you will just ask people what you are thinking.  It is so refreshing to me to have people say what they think instead of me having to try and figure them out.Have a great day Nina!


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