Almost a month

For starters…I’ve found ebay…there are few things (at this age) quite so satisfying as seeing the stuff you are ready to give up be exchanged for cash.   I tend to have some addiction problems with stuff…kind of like a dog with a bone with lots of roast beef still attached…you can’t get it away from me.


Someone told me (Deb) not to throw away my wooden thread spools because someone will buy them..WHO IS GONNA BY THREAD SPOOLS. Well, I put 25 of them out there and I got more for them then I got for a 3 antique bowl set.

I was sitting in the bank manager’s office today doing some..banking…I was curious about the layout of her office compared to the tellers and wanted to turn around and check out her vantage point..and then I wondered if she has a little bank alarm button under her desk..and then I wondered if she frequently looks out the window that is partially “blinded” to see who/what is coming you can tell a criminal from the rest of the public any more..and then I wondered if she was ever afraid to sit in the bank..I mean bank robberys are quite popular these days.  I wanted to ask her all of those questions..but I was afraid she would push the bank alarm button under her desk and pull out her 9 mm smith and wesson and blow my head off…

When I left the bank, I was thinking about everything I had been thinking about and wondered…do people find me annoying because I’m so curious, because I ask a lot of questions…and I don’t need ANYONE to say..No, Nina…that is not why we find you annoying.

..and then I wonder how much better off I am today due to privacy laws.  I’m a 50 something hick in smalltown Iowa and have tried to handle my mother and my aunts death and estate problems.  I couldn’t even cancel the damn cable and Direct TV accounts without sending them a copy of the death certificate…you’ve gotta be kidding me.  The phone company didn’t have a problem..but the cable company..There should be some healthy privacy rules to protect us…but the cable company.  I basically said…fine..she has no money, she has no estate..I’m offering to pay her last bill if you want to pencil in my address otherwise…she won’t be watching TV anymore and you won’t be receiving any money from her and they said NO..they had to have a death…all you other cable subscribers out there just got screwed because you have to pay her last bill….

In going thru stuff last night – I thru out the girls clay art projects from elementary school…one is 28 and the other is 22…it’s probably time…but it was hard to do….

That’s all that is on my mind right now…I have to get back to ebay, is calling.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Almost a month

  1. I’ve often thought about the ebay thing…do you have to set up a PayPal account to do it?  Is it hard?See, I think everyone must really be that curious, they just don’t say so!  : )


  2. Haha! I do that too!…..Although I don’t often ask.  I’m not a great conversationalist in real life I suspect.  I take in everything going on around me.  W always asks “how do you KNOW that?!”  Observation my dear.  I see and hear.  But I often wonder about thing, while driving by a house, watching someone work…what do they do, see, hear, think, feel?  I often imagine myself living in this one house I pass every day.  What would my life be like if I lived there……Ebay-I don’t sell much on it, but it’s usually my go to to buy something once I find out what the price would be if I bought it new from a store.  I get amazing deals on shoes and clothes and video games and stuff.  I’m not in any hurry to have something now so I just keep finding and bidding until I get what I want at the price I want to pay.  Have a great day!


  3. i love this post!!! i think like you do, I get side tracked and it was so funny to read that someone else gets those random thoughts!  i still have some of the kids things they made…it is hard.Privacy laws, so stupid! I’ve had to make calls to insurance companies when my daughter’s at college, I just pretend I’m her. One time I forgot to write down her SS# and had to look it up. Let me tell you if that didn’t make me (her lol) look dumb. another time i said I was my husband. They said “your name is James?” I said “Yes” in a rude tone as if I were sick of the question. and they bought it! hahahaha!


  4. I’m so very curious too and it comes across as rude interruptions because I’m always interrupting to ask questions. I completely derail conversations asking some obscure question. I’m really really bad about that and am trying to not do it but…..


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