Kind of an emotional day…

First…the Ft Hood situation had a huge impact on me..please don’t think I’m lame, but I watch Army Wives and I’m very emotionally attached to it…when the General gave his press conference tonight on CNN I felt sick because Army Wives has given me an idea what it is like on an army base…I know, I know fiction..but if you’ve never been on an army base, the show enhances the understanding and there has to be some aspects that are true.  I pictured Michael, the general, presenting the information and it made it so real for me.  I thought the General handed perspective to all of us when he, we don’t carry weapons..this is our home…I’m trying to just wait until all of the investigation is completed before I believe the worst…I’m feeling like this was not the act of terrorism, but unfortunately the act of a man whose positive and negative wires were fried.  Regardless, it is very painful in our already angry country.

Tomorrow night is a benefit dance and silent auction for a girlfriend’s brother who is battling cancer. He and I will be going early because he has to work.  I want to show my support and donate some money but selfishly dreading it because I don’t want to deal with his condition and prognosis…this is where that NIKE slogan comes to mind..You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it…

Don’t read the next paragraph if you have delicate ears to the F word… This is from my Xanga pal, Tracy..I just giggled and giggled because I always am very responsible when internet forms ask for my secret question and answer…and I had no idea that everyone didn’t consider this detail to be sacred, but obviously not………

We are working on a large project.  Part of this process is moving a couple of tens of thousands of accounts from one platform to another.  Here’s a request for all of you.  When filling out a sign up form and it asks for your Secret Question & Answer, please remember someone somewhere will probably have to read it…John, I  can’t imagine the life you must have had if your childhood nickname was fucker.
Michael – I just don’t believe the city government in Augusta would allow the Hospital you were born in to be named Fuck Off.

Just when I thought I had the most fun job on earth, I find out that Tracy gets to deal with this stuff …. and once I again I have giggled.

My friend Rod had to put his dog down this week due to medical reasons…very sad…but tonight, he and his new little puppy found each other at the animal rescue league.  Obviously the little dog desperately needs love and it was so special to see Rod so happy and in love…he didn’t think he would get another dog for a while after Warren…but that wonderful relationship between man and dog brought love back into his life.

Until next time…



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  2. Awwww, poor Rod.  It’s so hard when it’s time. 😦  Give him a little (big) punch in the arm for me and say, “aww Dude, sorry to hear that”. I am glad he got a new puppy though.  Puppies are dangerous.  Like Chips.  You can’t have just one.  I’m glad I could help you smile.


  3. One of my longest Xanga pals is military, not at Ft Hood, thankfully.  What a terrible thing to happen.  If that guy didn’t want to go, why didn’t he just shoot himself.Did you hear Oprah might stop doing the show from Chicago?  It will be interesting to see what happens.


  4. Yeah can’t imagine that Ft Hood situation. Heard this morning that the guys who are already in war are frantic trying to call home to see if everyone ok. And I know there are good shrinks out there. My uncle was an awesome one. But I swear some of them are far more disturbed than the ppl they’re supposedly trying to help! ( I have an inlaw relative that is for sure!)Might seem strange getting another dog soon after you lose one. But I know how that works…you know you can’t replace them so you don’t think you will. But life isn’t the same without a dog, so you not only miss your dog, you miss having one and then some little guy looks at you and it’s all over. Puppy love…


  5. That’s funny how that works – you lose one and swear you’ll never love that way again and whoosh! There it is! Right in your lap needing you.  I don’t think animal lovers have the luxury of saying no.    I ready Tracys blog that day too.  Laughed and laughed.  Oh my – some of my passwords in the past were doozy’s! 


  6. Oh I am so glad that Rod found a new friend!!!


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