I’m skeered

I have chuckled a couple of times in the last hour to keep me from screaming, running upstairs, closing myself in the bedroom under the comforter…I was nearly killed tonight from a chain reaction of 4 of the 8 animals in the house.  I went in to watch TV – the shows that I missed and DVR’d today…Marley…the 107 pound golden retriever was spread out on the couch…he looked so sweet and cute that I couldn’t yell at him to get down..so I sat down and started rubbing his ears and he was giving me that “oh that feels good, ma” groan…ahhhhh, Baxter (the huge black cat) climbed up on my lap and assumed his position, ahhh, I love my kids…here comes Truman…he’s sitting on the coffee table…oh he’s going to be a good boy… what a good kitty…life is good….


Marley decided to turn over so I could rub his tummy…of course forgetting he was laying on the furniture, he rolled off the couch on to Frannie (the black lab) who was laying on the floor in front of the davenport…Frannie jumped up and yelped which caused Truman to FLY over onto my shoulder and start sliding down which scared Baxter who meowed with displeasure jumped up, I caught him in my armpit because my arm was coming down from trying to protect myself from Truman’s flight and Baxter proceeded to use the girls (the God given girls in the rack) as a pushing off place, knocked down the gate that I use to keep Billly from escaping out the door with a WHAM…leaving black kittie hair under my arm and I look up to see Sierra running from wherever she was and I’m hoping she will be content to see that everyone is alive and she doesn’t have to attempt to take Frannie out to protect me….

It skeered me pretty bad…….there are times when the cats sit around and just stare at me…from all corners of the room…or you walk into a room and they are all sitting on the honches…I wonder if I’ve interrupted a meeting…are he and I and the dogs safe in the house with them?

4 thoughts on “I’m skeered

  1. Have you thought about buying the animals there own house? 


  2. So funny!Cats secretly plot to kill humans.  They are rarely successful, but it’s a devious and on going plot. 


  3. Hehe!  It’s hard to understand what goes through their crazy little heads and multiply that by 5.  Yikes!  I am laughing while I am rereading this — I wish I could have seen this.


  4. Get out while you can!!!!Loved this story!   🙂


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