A friendly weekend

It’s been a great weekend…depending on fantasy football tomorrow, it might be an almost perfect weekend.  Friday night, Susie came for a visit, girltalk, wine, blue cheese on crackers with strawberry jam..mmmm  I picked Deb up this afternoon for our 2nd annual Jim McDonough Christmas concert at Hoyt Sherman.  He is an amazing musician and he is Iowa bread and born..can’t beat that.  After dinner at Noah’s Ark and good conversation, we went to Brett and Christa’s house…the grandkids and Alyssa were there and that was very fun.  G’ma and G’pa were exhausted which made me snicker…it was a wonderful evening.

Back in the saddle Sunday night…but only for 4 so I can do it.

Have to get some ebay stuff packaged and ready to mail. 

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “A friendly weekend

  1. Sounds like a great week end.  Have a good week.


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