Nina’s Mantras

You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

Today is the day…yesterday is one knows what happens tomorrow.

One day at a time.

You are what you think.

Onward and Upward.

Obviously a time for an exercise in my own preaching…

Phil had an uncomfortable day yesterday..that is what we will call it.  Parts of it were uncomfortable for me too because I knew he was so pissed off.  After fasting the night before for blood tests, he found out that he couldn’t eat until after a colonoscopy and upper GI scope today…how miserable..he was starving..I couldn’t really do anything for him because I think the fact that I was breathing in the confines of the camper irritated him…so I just checked out everyone else on Facebook and Xanga subscriptions then crawled up into my bunk and was quiet.  He’s much better today…more normal Phil…he announced about an hour ago that he is no longer hungry and that the hunger had been gone for awhile.  I hope his battle with colitis is nearing an end…Doc yesterday said that he may have some crohns also or instead??  He will have an abdominal CT tomorrow…

Mom should be moving to a hospice house today.  As she always is, she didn’t know if she would go or not..she has never understood that sometimes you don’t have an option.  Medicare will not pay for anymore room rent in the hospital so she has to go somewhere.  Aunt Frances, with her 93 year old mentality wants to take her home but absolutely cannot take care of her nor provide her with end of life cares she is going to need.  Mom told me the other night that Aunt Frances is very angry and has a quick fuse and I see that it is coming out.  I’m so thankful that Ryan and Jenny were willing and able to step in for me and take care of mom and the craziness there while I”m up here with Phil.

Jenny and Ryan are in Kansas City today.  A couple of weeks ago, Jenny accepted a promotion which will require them to move.  (Kathi – they will be in your area).  They are trying to find some place to rent but having a german shepherd is causing headaches.  Marshal is elderly and very sweet and never been agressive even when his sister, Daisy, the pom takes his toys.  I”m very proud of Jenny..I’m going to hate not having her close by but it will only be 3.5 hours to Kansas City…they are doing the right thing.

That is what is going on in my life. 

Until next time….

::Edit..Jenny just messaged me..they found a place.  She sounds “up”…

3 thoughts on “Nina’s Mantras

  1. My prayers are with Phil and your Mom.  My prayers are with your whole family.


  2. That is terrible that they didn’t have it scheduled so he didn’t have to wait so long.  I am sorry for both of you.  I hope they can figure out what the problem is and fix so Phil feels better.Good news that Jenny found a place.  Glad to hear that she feels up.  You have a lot going on in your family and I know all of this stuff takes a toll.Hugs!


  3. I worry about finding a new place with dogs too – when the time comes.  Good for them that they’re onward and upward and found a place so they can keep everyone together.   I hope you find out things w/your hubby sooner rather than later.  You sound tired.    A hospice house will be a good place – where your mom can get good end of life care.  Take care!


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