Helen is leaving hospice for skilled care at a nursing home.  Jenny says she is bionic.  Aunt Frances is a strong force in nagging her to eat and encouraging her to keep fighting and to keep fighting to live.  I only know because the hospice house contacted me because they are going to need a check since she is no longer considered hospice.  It will be interesting to see if either one of them contact me to let me know where my mother is living.

We are going back to Mayo next week…will be camping again at the KOA campground. 


5 thoughts on “

  1. I hope you hear where your Mother is going to be at and my prayers are with all.


  2. How interesting?   I hope they call…I guess you cant call them?


  3. WOW! That IS a turn of events!  Good luck at Mayo!


  4. Oh, I put up a bunch of pictures on Facebook today.


  5. Now that is a turn of events.  This summer, life has you on a roller coaster.Back to Mayo – was that expected?  How is Phil doing?How is Nina doing?


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