I love purple…almost any shade except the darkest of dark…but put as a contrast color, I like it too.

I love pink… I love cranberry…I love yellow.

I really like Dunkin Donuts coffee… I like Real Simple Magazine to go along with it. 

I really like to look at a well shaped man who works out to look that way as long as I don’t have to talk to him.

I like my man in blue jeans and a white t shirt….

I love shoes…

I’m a computer addict…I think it is the ability to keep in touch with everyone ..and..you never know when someone is thinking about you…maybe that is it.

I love dishes…If I had money…I would have a lot more dishes..which would require more cabinets, which would require a bigger house…but I still like dishes…

I love Bennett Spring State Park..it is my little piece of Heaven on earth…I used to think I could only be centered at the ocean…then we were introduced to Bennett Spring.

I love spring in Iowa..I love iris..especially dark purple because they smell the best.  I look forward to retirement, I look forward to traveling.

I love my critters.

I love my family…my husband…my daughters…I love the men my daughters chose and I love their families….

My friends are very, very important to me…they help me be who I am….or guide me to be what I want to be.

Until next time…..

7 thoughts on “

  1. Great post and I can find much more about this world that makes me happy that things that make me sad.  This is a wonderful gratitude list.


  2. A most fantastic post!    I love dishes too – but that love will have to wait to be realized until I clean out my basement so I can put stuff in there and make room for more dishes someday!       I will ponder the things that I love that make me happy now.    Thanks!


  3. Dishes…and linens, too.  Really, I should have two houses; one just to hold the stuff to decorate the other one!


  4. What a blessing to have that much love in your life.  I was amused at the statement about not having to talk to the man who was well shaped.


  5. I love dishes, too!   My dad and I used to go shopping just to look at dishes.  He loved dishes, also.This is a lovely post.


  6. When I sit back and think of all of the things that bring me happiness it’s overwhelming.  And a great way to ground yourself.


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