My brain immediately goes into happy/fun/love mode when I take in the fresh scent of newly mown grass on an early spring day..similar to the feeling of walking around our property on an early sunny morning with the dogs on the scent trail of many adventures.  We also have an unknown origin bush in the backyard that has small corncob size blooms of little flowers that are very, very fragrant.  With a slight east or south wind, you cannot help but stop in your tracks and just take in the scent. 

I cannot put into words the total peace and joy that I feel when a thought of camping at Bennett Spring State Park comes to me.  I can flash on a collage of images and have almost instant peace and love.

Last week, I watched a clip of David Letterman and the dog that would play dead…Everytime I watched it, I would find myself smiling…when it was over…smiling about the cute dog and grinning about Letterman’s reaction.  I thought to myself that there should be more things in my life that cause this involuntary smile….

There are few things in life that ease me into contentment as much as having one of my critters snuggling up to me for a bit of affection and the “I love you” in their eye contact with me.

Why are certain blankets the perfect blanket…cuddling down when you are chilled with the right blanket feels so good.  A different blanket would not have the same reaction for me.  I am currently using a pink bedspread with chenille patterns in it.  This is one of two bedspreads that I now have that came from my bed when I was in the 2-8 year range.  I have memories of these spreads on the beds in the house when we moved out of when I was 4…I’m not really sure what actually brings me the comfort but it feels sooooo good.  I’m 53…these bedspreads are old

I love to hear my daughter’s voices…either HEY from one daughter when I answer the phone or one of the pet greetings from the other… and listening to the smile in their voices when they think they have tricked me in thinking they are the other one.

Until next time…..

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  1. The smell of fresh grass always gives me a surge of youth and memories of walking barefoot in the summer time when I was a kid.  I love the wdie spaces here in the Pacific Northwest.   It is one thing that has never changed here-the wide open spaces.


  2. That Letterman video is funny!  Walking through flower nurseries makes me smile a lot.  To see all that beauty and smell that fragrance is just overwhelming.


  3. Those are all great smile provokers! 


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