I’m getting a fever blister/cold sore/herpes sore on my lip.  Great… Started the L’lysene

He took Baxter to the vet yesterday because he has been laying around for 2 days.  Poss infection…I’m worried..gave him some antibiotics and said if not better by Thursday, to call them…he ate and drank some water this morning..but he’s still out of it 😦

First night back last night…I’m sure I could have done less work if I had tried…but thought – hmmm what the heck..they are paying me well…

It’s green and it’s gorgeous in Iowa..ya’ll ought to come for a visit now…and I mean now…this minute…supposed to have thunderstorms tonight..

I’m going out to look for mushrooms at the bottom of our lot.  I posted a blackberry facebook pic of the ones Phil got yesterday.  He’s a good man… he cut open chicken breasts and stuffed them with mushrooms and onions…mmm by the time I got up they were a little dry .. but a little Marzetti dill dip and I was in love.

Don’t forget…come to Iowa within the next few hours or I’ll give you an alert the next time it is safe…

Until next time…..

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  1. Ouch I hope you can find something to help with that fever blister.  Hope Baxter is going to be ok.  Iowa sounds beautiful right now but we are also going ot get hit by thunderstoms any minute which means I have to turn the computer off and find something else to entertain myself.  Oh my what am I to do.  “chuckling”Mushrooms sound yummy.  Chicken breasts stuffed with mushrooms sound even yummier.


  2. Have you ever tried Abreva?  Here is a coupon for it –https://www.abreva.com/saveone.promo?sessioncheck=trueCrossing my fingers now — I haven’t had one in a long time.  Because I have a compromised immune system, I get them really bad.  I have used Valtrex in the past also and that really helped, too.  Those thunderstorms are heading our way, too.  And it was just drying up.Take care — feel better!  Try to get as much rest as you can!


  3. My dr. FINALLY prescribed Valtrex for my cold sore/fever blister/herpes things.  I used to get them so bad!  Triggers – FIBER – go figure!  Sun, Stress, lack of sleep, the usual culprits.  Now I only get them if I don’t take the valtrex regularly.  I don’t take it every day anymore.  About every other day does the trick.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ‘shrooms! 


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