I’ve been up and down emotionally today…It actually feels like I haven’t had any down time…I ran errands this morning – had to change out a mask for my cpap at Hammer Medical, transfer title on the new trailer, got a haircut and color, coffee with Kim, I stopped at the store for tuna 🙂 yes…tuna…then I drove home to pick him up because we had visitation for Penny Drew.. brought him back home and then back to town for Code Lime at the mexican restaurant with the church ladies…it was decided we needed to raise a toast to Penny…Vicki was there..I haven’t talked to her for awhile although she is almost constantly on my mind…. she was a bit hoarse and recovering from thyroidectomy due to cancer…. We were there celebrating Penny’s life…when I heard she died, I was kind of snapped into that frame of mind that she wasn’t too much older than me and is my generation going to start dying off…Of all the people I know, Penny’s health – current and past – had caused concerns before that she may not make it; but, when it actually happens……

Then Vicki…she is actually younger than me by a year.  Of all of us “church ladies”, she is the most health conscious…she’s a nurse, she eats right, exercises year round, has always been there for her 3 kids whether a school activity or a sport.  During a prayer meeting we had a couple of weeks ago, someone actually said, isn’t it amazing that out of all of us, Vicki is the first to have a serious illness….

Talk about perspective and life in perspective.  We may not have long folks, so live today like it is your last day.

Until next time….

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  1. I hope you can get some rest today.Sorry about your friends.  It really makes you want to live every day to the fullest.Carpe diem


  2. Funny, I went to a mexican restaurant Tuesday with my bible study partners from church. Small world huh. I’m so sorry about your friend. And I do know how it feels to be running around like crazy and never seeming to have time to just take a break. Cheer up and take a few minutes for yourself. Hugs.


  3. Sorry about your friend.  That’s sad.  We’re YOUNG!  It’s hard to face mortality at any age I would suspect.     I don’t like those times where you feel like you’re too busy and there’s no real down time.  Hope you find some peace and rest this weekend. 


  4. Sorry about your friend Nina 😦


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