He and I delivered mom’s medicine to her today and stayed for 1/2 hour or so to be sociable.  Done

It is windy today…terribly windy..windy like your pant legs wrap around your legs…your hair goes every direction and I always hope my glasses don’t blow off of my face.

Other than facebook Pirates, my other latest computer addiction is miniclips.com where you can play pool…8 ball and 9 ball…fun

In my attempt to look at the big picture, I wonder why women seem to have gotten the bad end of the deal in life.  I don’t necessarily mean where we have gotten ourselves by not staying home barefoot and pregnant…I’m talking about way back … the pain of childbirth, the monthly problems just so we can do childbirth, breast cancer, being viewed as the weaker sex…and men have what…the male appendage and the constant problem of what to name it..

What would it feel like for one day to not be responsible…to say…ya, whatever…to genuinely not care and just do what feels good….just for 24 hours…

Does everything that happens happen for a reason or is it just what it is?

Just thoughts….

Until next time…..

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  1. Actually if you believe in the Bible Eve would be the answer.  Apple, anyone?


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