There is a massage in my future…I keep thinking about it…one of these days when I have the “money is no objeect” mentality, I’m going…wow…it would feel good.

So…have you tried the Starkist tuna creations…I am almost afraid to “highly” recommend something because not everyone has the same palet…but oh my…this has become my new addiction…actually my favorite is sweet and spicy although the herb and garlic is good.  I haven’t tried the lemon pepper one because I’m not big on lemon pepper…I’ve been mixing them with MIRACLE WHIP – on a bagle then Hot and sweet pickles…oh goodness…but the tuna is actually good enough to eat out of the bag!!

Had a dead to the world night…not really sure when I went to bed…it wasn’t late (well, my normal late) and I slept until 0900…I don’t think I was even awake a second….. toasted english muffin with butter and strawberry preserves this morning, picked them up off the counter and one went face down on the floor…the thought occurred to me – hmmmm…this is not a good way to start the day…but am trying to get rid of that negative thinking…so I thought..hmmm..that half of an english muffin would have gone straight to my stomach..thank goodness something intervened…hows that for positive thinking 🙂

Sunny and 36 today…no idea what I’m going to do.  Have Jane’s retirement party this afternoon.  She just retired after 39 years with the state…she deserves something more than a retirement party…may take her a bottle of wine 🙂

Until next time….

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  1. StarKist owes you a thank you. 🙂  I had the sweet  & spicy tuna on triscuits for lunch. Good Stuff!


  2. Now those Starkist tuna creations sound yummy.  I was spraying soem cheese on a cracker earier and missed the cracker and hot the fuzz.  Not good.:)


  3. You got me hooked on the strawberry mini wheats too….I will so try the tuna too!Nice thinking with the english muffin!


  4. You got me hooked on Strawberry mini wheats – now I’ll have to try the tuna! Dang it all!!! Good job on the positive spin


  5. I have been craving Tuna Fish for a week!  Now it’s even worse.  I use to buy a different brand of Spicy Thai Tuna.  It was so good, but so hot.  I’m not a big fan of hot.


  6. Wasn’t it Linus who lamented that jelly toast always seemed to land jelly side down…oh well.Have a great day!


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