It’s Monday…it really is Monday…last night was my first night back; but, it will be a blessed short week.  We are going to Katy’s house on Friday…actually we are going to fly instead of a reasonable price on tickets flying out of Des Moines and landing in Cleveland.

Northern Iowa got hit with a pretty bad snow storm yesterday…we got a dusting.  It is cold, windy and 27 now at 0723…It seems like this winter has been very, very long…I know I probably feel this way every year…

I finished crocheting a wine bottle cozy this morning at work…I will take a snapshot of it later..I’m tired now and going to bed.

Until next time….

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  1. Yes it is Monday already.   I enjoy short flights rather than driving also.  It is so much easier than fighting traffic.  I have never seen a crocheted wine bottle cozy before.  Sounds interesting.


  2. Warmer weather is right around the corner!


  3. I’m itching for winter to be finally over.  We’re getting all rain for a couple of days.  I hope that’s it – no flurries – I want to be done with snow but just in case so as not to jinx myself I haven’t put away the snow shovels just yet.  Wine Bottle Cozy!  Cool!


  4. We didn’t get too much snow about an inch.  Wet, heavy stuff that is melting already.Nice that you will get to fly out.Have a good day or sleep!


  5. Are you just going to be there for the weekend?  I think flying is so much better.  But, then I dislike driving long distances.  It’s snowing here right now.


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