It’s raining tonight in this part of Ohio.  Just a nice soothing rain.  He and I got up late – okay – nearly afternoon – Katy came home from work and spent about an hour with us before she had to head to Kent…We turned on Carmen the Garmin and headed for Cleveland – saw the Indians, Cavaliers and Brown’s stadiums…ate at Hard Rock and then we went on a hunt for a wii.  We hit most of the Game Stops in and around Cleveland and Akron – will hit a couple tomorrow in Cuyahoga Falls.  Apparently several places had wiis this weekend but sold out…I guess most of those were Best Buys grrrrrrr

I finally won a fantasy football game = finally!!!  We were talking about going to Pittsburg tomorrow to check out the Steeler’s stadium and just hang out but Kate wants us to come to the Montisorri preschool where she teaches at 1600…so will probably just shop tomorrow – I know there has to be a craft shop yelling my name.

That’s it for tonight…

Until next time….

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  1. Congrats on the fantasy football! YOU ARE THE WOMAN! I hope that you find your wii and your craft shopOh….by they way…..I think someone owes my husband a soda……..and holy crap can you believe that the Chiefs won….I still do not believe it…..Sounds like you are having a good time!


  2. How exciting, doing so much traveling lately.  “Carmen the Garmin”!  I love it!  When I tell that one to my son (he just got one, and actually got a deal on it from a friend interning at Garmin, lol) he may just want to name his that!  He names his cars, so it’s not a stretch!  Enjoy your travels!Kathi


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