I thought it was only a ::ahem:: fantasy this week but I actually won my game!!  woo hoo..but I lost the weeks game pickings to msmandylee’s husband, Marc and now owe him a diet coke – he deserves to win – he’s a Kansas City Chief’s fan for crying out loud…the Chief’s won and Marc won…I may even buy him a 2 liter bottle for that!

Couldn’t sleep last night – but once I did fall asleep the dreams were quite visual and real as they have been lately – maybe because there doesn’t seem to be any drama in my life right now – I have to get the excitement somewhere.  We are off to shop for yarn and wii….


P>S> to msmandylee – be sure to let Marc read this one 🙂

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  1. WooHoo…Yarn!He thinks the only reason the Chiefs won are because he picked the other team…..I am starting to think that there is something to that.


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