Paul Newman died…. wow

Jenny’s first boyfriend died – he was only 27…He came from some major disfunction…dad was in prison several times – lots of drugs involved…makes me wonder what actually took him.  His obit picture certainly didn’t look like the cute little pudgy junior high kid that I remember.  he actually had a “spice” tat on the front of his neck.  Another jolt for life perspective.

Kim and Sarah came out this morning – Sarah is going to take care of the critters while we are gone…she had only met one of them…she’s a critter person too and thought the week would be wonderful – everyone made up to her really fast except Billy and he’s a little stand-off-ish about who he gives his love to 🙂  Sarah also used to take care of mom several years ago…shes in the process of taking her LPN boards and it will be nice to have her next door in case one of them needs the services of a nurse while we are gone.

I thought the debate last night was interesting.  I have no doubt that I will vote Obama…but I feel okay if McCain wins…okay probably isn’t the word but it is the only one I can come up with….just not totally freaked out like when the current moron was elected the first time and second time.  I have a lot of confidence in Obama – Biden is okay too in my book.  McCain has some positive things going for him but he doesn’t give me the the confidence that Obama gives me.  Palin…there are things that I like – there are things that I don’t like and her experience and the over-the-top “I’m in charge, that’s why” mentality kind of scares me.  We’ll see how it all comes out in the wash in November, I guess.

We are going to Cuyahoga Falls, OH – leaving Sunday – this is the Akron area – south of Cleveland.  We are going to have a couple of days to hangout while the kids are in school/work – any suggestions?  Last time we drove up to Niagara Falls…that was fun. Katy tells me we should sight see in Cleveland…any insight into this???  I figured cleveland was about as exciting as Des Moines except with a lake?  Am I wrong?

I have to take the laptop…we’ll be driving tomorrow during the games but thank goodness for sirius radio….

Until next time…


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  1. That is sad about Jenny’s first boyfriend :(And Paul Newman :(Have a safe trip! Your critters are in good hands!


  2. I’ve only been to Cleveland once, but I hear the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pretty good.  My husband wants to go to the Football Hall of Fame, but I’m not too keen.


  3. Oh!  Your coming here NOW! 🙂  Definately Football Hall of Fame, and Rock and Roll hall of fame, just to say you’ve been there.  We’re amblers.  We like to just go places and walk around and look at people and stuff, which of course is a problem with your bum knee!  I hope the weather is nice for you.  Drive Safe. 


  4. Have fun in Ohio.  That’s sad about Paul Newman.  He was quite a man.  And freaky about theex- boyfriend.  Way too young


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