The Colonoscopy

We had to be in Des Moines at 6:30 am for his colonoscopy…he has had so many of them due to treating colitis that they don’t even bring on nervousness anymore…and what is more…he does them without anesthesia..says there is just some discomfort but no pain.  Today they let me sit in the room and watch the monitor while they performed the colonoscopy…FASCINATING.. his female doctor talked thru the procedure explaining the nooks and crannys.  This is something everyone should experience to take away from the unknown and to make us feel more comfortable with the procedure.  She started with a dark room – she’s in with the scope and takes a journey around the curves biopsing as she goes along…he says you cannot feel the little snip..after the trip in – she snakes the scope out…that’s it.  The good news – his treatment seems to be working and he’s good to go.

Now for the reason the colonoscopy is the best thing that is going to happen to him today…as he was laying in the procedure room with his blood pressure and heart rate being monitored, I wanted to see what would happen so I stood up and flashed him…his heart rate went down…down…need I say more.

Until next time….

12 thoughts on “The Colonoscopy

  1. Oooo, hubby is a brave one!  I need to have one of those but I keep putting it off.  I’m not yet 50, but my aunt and great-aunt died of colon cancer, and we’re not sure what kind my mother died of, but there is some chance it was colon.  Guess I should do that, huh?You cracked me up about the heart monitor going down when you flashed him!  LOL!Kathi


  2. Wow, down really?  It musta been he was concentrating on relaxing…kinda interesting huh?xo, QE


  3. Glad his colonoscopy went well.  I didn’t like mine.  That does remind me I need to check when I need to go back. You crack me up!!! You flashed him!  LOL!


  4. not ever wanting that test! but with no pain relief what a trooper!


  5. LOL LOL that was Funny can’t believe yA DID THAT lol


  6. That is hilarious!!!  I should try that on my husband… maybe I can get his blood pressure to go down that way.I will be having a colonoscopy done after I recover from the hysterectomy.  The fun never ends!!!  I may have to see if they can do mine without anesthesia.  I would think that would be way better for us.  Of course, the worst part of the whole procedure is the day before…. preparation.  A clean colon is nice but not fun to do.


  7. I was kind of hoping the rabbit in the mini would duck down into the hat, then it could be an oh so subtle reminder of the colonoscopy.  But no.


  8. What a glamorous life you lead!  🙂 It’s nice that you got to watch on the monitor, and it’s even nicer that he’s healing all up!  Colitis is not a pleasant thing, especially if it’s gotten bad.  I’m glad he’s recovering nicely.


  9. probably a fluke in the reader!   Or maybe the seditive was kicking in.   I am encouraging my husband to go in for one at Christmas (he gets time off) and he said well the doctor never said I should get one….blah blah blah,…. I said it’s the best thing for you to have so that you can remain healthy and take care of your family.  I’m sitll working on him…. Heck I have had a colonoscpy twice in two months done (the first one failed) up the rear and one down …no two down my throat, been injected with medicine to make my heart race like a throughbred horse and he is chicken poop to have a measly colonocospy…… shakes head  MEN!!!!!    plus I now have to work on him on getting to a dermotoligist to do a full nakeed body check because my fil said menoma is heriitary in males children……   maybe I’ll let his mother work on him……. nag nag nag lmao


  10. wait a minute shouldnt it have gone up?  you bad girl!


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