I have met a few women who don’t have a love and addiction for shoes; but, not very many…and I have never met a man who had an addiction for shoes possibly because I just don’t talk to men about shoes…mainly because the men I work with like to talk about hunting and fishing and archery and guns and bad guys…not that I don’t find those topics fascinating….anyway… I wonder if women’s love of shoes comes from the fact (for the most part) that no matter what your size – you can always wear cute shoes…while your body image may be telling you that you don’t look good??

I cleaned closets last night of shoes…this is the pile I am giving away/garage sale


I really debated about the heals in the back…but I haven’t worn them in over 2 years so – out they go.  The navy blue loafers are from Target.  I love them but they just don’t fit right..and you can probably tell which comfy shoes I pretty much wore out.


I could not rotate this picture on xanga…these are my summer shoes – I had to keep all of them because they are all my favorites…the thongs are all from Walmart and only cost between $2 and $3…..













These are my winter shoes minus a couple of pairs of boots and including the white heals above the red mocs..those were my wedding shoes 29 years ago.

I put them all in these big totes above so they could be neatly stacked in the closet, yet totally acessable.

This also does not include my very favorite shoes – my 3 pairs of crocks which although quite unattractive, I always wear when working in the yard and for a short trip to the store if I can get by with it.  “he” hates them but did buy himself some to wear when we camp….uh huh!!

Now I need to clean out my closet and sort thru my tshirt collection.

Today is Jenny’s 27th birthday…Happy Birthday Jenny…

Until next time….


8 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. I weeded through mine last fall.  I need boots now as it turns out.  I have many pairs of birkenstock clogs and I keep some dress shoes on hand for just in case I need them.    Need slippers too now that I think of it! 


  2. happy B-Day jenny!My yoyu are a shoe person , all styles and colors thats for sure , I like crocks all the time , my Pop’s said he would put you to shame with all his shoes LOL


  3. Mom – PLEASE put those yellow shoes in a box and mail them to me ASAP. are they new or vintage? 


  4. I’m not a shoe person.  I have such a hard time finding shoes that don’t hurt my feet that I stick with what is comfortable.  I’ve had foot problems since I was in my early 20s so I’ve never been much for shoes.  Although, I envy women who can wear high heels.  My mom always wore heels and she looked great in them.  Hope you are having a great weekend!


  5. I’m not a shoe person, but my Daughter likes them enough for both of us!


  6. i liked shoes when i was younger and did not have back and feet problems. now all i care about is a pair that keeps me comfy on my feet all day. which are usually new balance! you do have some cool shoes i would like to waer if i could!


  7. idk why i like shoes. but that part “can always wear cute shoes…while your body image may be telling you that you don’t look good” is insightful!


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