ref the earlier post about the MRI…I laid perfectly still on that table for 55 minutes…she had a small problem and had to do one series again.  My body was all in but my head was sticking out…every now and then I had panic thoughts like what if something malfunctions and I go all the way in…I don’t think I’ll be able to breathe…then I would self talk myself and not push the emergency button.  When it was all over – once I could get up off the table – I looked inside….nuh uh..wouldn’t be able to go all body inside …sedation for me…it almost makes me short of breath just talking about it now.

I’m off to bed…

9 thoughts on “MRI

  1. It is hard for me to imagine that medical science can’t come up with something better than such a torture chamber.


  2. MRI? Again, better living through chemistry, darlin’. 10mg and you’d let ’em put you in a sardine can.The peeper was identified. The picture was even taken to his ex-wife by the sheriff’s officers.She identified the dude.  They know who they’re dealing with.  We just have to know what the law says we have to do to make the charges stick, and nobody’s telling because they are short-staffed and too busy with crack houses and meth labs in the county woods.


  3. do not like closed mri”s! have had one once and that was the last. the head out is better than in!


  4. I have to force myself to keep my eyes closed the whole time in the tube.  I fell asleep once so that was a blessing!   Glad it went well and you didn’t have to go all in!


  5. My heart goes out to you.  I’ve had cat scans but not an MRI.  I would need to be put out.


  6. whoa…   I’ve never had an MRI… YET!!  doesn’t sound like something I want to do! 


  7. I bet you are glad to have it over with Prayers for you


  8. I’m glad you are done with it! Poor little knee.  I hope you are sleeping like a baby and dreaming of Wide Open spaces!


  9. I had to do something similiar I had to lay on a table with something scaning over my heart it did look like an mri machine did have a cover over the table and I was moved back and forth.  still, i think i would have panicked if I had to be in a true mri machine…..


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