The day after Christmas

I took the Christmas decorations down today.  I normally do it on the day after Christmas….it is almost like 23:59 on Christmas night – it is time to move on.  I think because I put a lot of time and energy and thought and love into Christmas…when it is over it is such a let down that I just want life to get back to normal…ya…like anything in our lives is normal.  I also sat down to load Christmas pictures and the red and green on my xanga site was way too bright….I left it for awhile because I loved the red and green with the Christmas pictures…but when I came back to do some computer work, I decided it needed to be “un-bold” a bit….purple is actually becoming a favorite color… and I’m quite fond of aqua…I want so much to get started on an aqua afghan but vowed to do a different pattern other than the granny square …so a few hours of something unfamiliar are in my near future.  Being an uncultured crocheter, I’m going to call it the zig zag pattern.  I don’t hold my crochet hook the right away and tend to not really plan anything out – just what I like at the moment.  Haven’t really been disappointed in the colors of any I have done so it must be okay for me. 

He and Katy went to town to clean the trash out of her car and vacuum the floor when they can find it…I’m supposed to be ironing some curtains I’m going to send with her for the new house.  Just feeling at loose ends – there are really no time constraints this week as I don’t go back to work until Saturday…so… I guess I’ll quit babbling and do something so it doesn’t appear I just played with the computer all afternoon.

Until next time…….


One thought on “The day after Christmas

  1. Wow. I’ll be doing great to get my decos down before Valentine’s Day. I think my tree stayed up last year until March. I despise putting the decos DOWN,which is why I only put up a tree and a wreath.


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