Our Christmas

Wanted to share some pictures of our Christmas day…this is the family…pictures don’t include Luke, Kate’s boyfriend; he spent the holidays with his family in New Jersey.  Also, I’m not in the pictures because 1) I never let “him” touch the camera; because 2) I hate to have my picture taken.


Katy, Him, Jenny and Ryan


Carl and Jane – Ryan’s parents and our dear friends


The third generation.  Avis – “His” mother in the recliner, my mother in the electric chair and mom’s sister – Aunt Frances sitting at the table.  Avis is 81, mom will be 90 in April and Aunt Frances will be 92 in June…lots of longevity, huh.


3 thoughts on “Our Christmas

  1. I also Hate my pic taken , It never looks like me anyway the way I think I look LOL , when I take a pic I get depressed cause i dont look like the same person I useto be Bummer.
    Looks like you had a good Christmas , hope the new Year is good for you also


  2. Wow, lots of prezzies! Ours were kinda small this year so they looked pitiful, but no one seemed disappointed so I guess it was OK. The food’s the main thing anyway when you have two teenage boys.And cute little old ladies. Wow, you’ll probably live to 100 with those good genes- that is, if they are on your side of the family.


  3. Hey!  Someone has presents from me. I wrapped all of mine in candycane & peppermint paper, and I see them!  I thought for a minute I was catching a glimpse of you in the mirror on that top one, but nope.
    I hope you enjoyed yourself.


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