Pantyliners for foot pain

I’ve stopped in a sketcher shoe store and purchased new shoes the last two visits to Las Vegas. The obvious reason is that I did not pack wisely for either trip….but I did find pantyliners in a zippered area of my back pack and decided that of course I could use them to pad my shoes if my feet really started hurting. My feet really started hurting but I couldn’t figure out how to stick the adhesive strip side in my sock so the soft side would be against my foot. So I stopped and bought a new pair of shoes. This was before I had an aqua massage.

From the website: Aquamassage is a quick, convenient way to get a full-body massage. Jets of water are used over a protective plastic barrier to give a relaxing massage without the need to remove any clothing, or apply any lotions or oils. No physical touching involved, the entire massage is given by the machine.

You enter this contraption similar to a tanning bed…once they push the button, you are massaged from shoulders to heels. Very, very relaxing. While we were waiting for our turn, we were treated to electronic echo massager…similar to equipment used by the chiropractors office. The Echo Massager is a small hand-held electronic pulse massager device that allows the controlled use of vibrations to ease sore muscles and release tension in the body.

Here we are.

A fun day on the strip….but the best was yet to come….

Donny and Marie at the Flamingo. Voted #1 show on the strip for the last 3 years and they deserve it. High energy and entertaining! ….and it doesn’t hurt that they are both gorgeous! If the duo happen to extend their residency in Vegas for 2019,I hope we all get together and go back next year. This is the perfect group to travel with. I lucked out meeting these strangers…..and they are stranger than that ❤️

Until next time….

One thought on “Pantyliners for foot pain

  1. I like strange. Enjoy the oddness. Glad you’re back.


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