When Pam told me to put the Uber app on my phone….I did

Uber was a game changer for the Vegas trip. When traveling, there is always the question of do we rent a car, fight traffic and try to find our way around or do we throw a lot of money at taxi drivers and the hassle that goes with it or are we rather isolated and only journey as far as we can walk…

I think all 5 of us, during the Vegas trip, would say that the Uber drivers’ personalities just added fun to our back and forth on the strip and we actually looked forward to meeting our next puzzle piece. It is soooo different that your typical taxi ride!

We appreciated it even more after the 5 of us, with Pam at the wheel, got lost in a dark lower level parking garage at Fremont Street. Dark, vast spaces with no cars, unclear parking/exit signs and the contagious heart pounding fear spreading through the car because we are all old enough to have collectively watched enough horror and mystery movies!

Obviously we lived…..

Until next time….

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