I knew Donald Trump’s twin

Arrogant, blatantly racist, boldly narcissistic, conspiracy theorist, cruel, mean and a bully AND calls himself an evangelical Christian……we had been friends for a long time …. nearly 45 years….until he forced my hand and I just stopped. I kept his secrets a very long time, I listened to him, i humored his bad manners and personality and somehow justified his behavior in my head that he was just damaged and misunderstood…..I had chosen to stick by him until he worked through it.

I have recently realized that he is Trump’s twin!

What scares the hell out of me is the numbers….the numbers of people who continue to worship this malignant tumor leading our country and what continues to concern me is the support he receives from evangelical Christians. Have I been wrong all of these years or being away from the church did I miss the actual moment when this mass of people turned on the road away from the Christian values and their one way leader, Jesus Christ? This has nothing to do with politics and differences of opinion on fiscal matters, abortion, gun control…any of the hot debatable topics we, as Americans, have always debated and has everything to do with who we really are in our hearts and in our souls. What has happened?

My blog…my opinion. I will not entertain any comments from those of you on the Donald Trump side unless those comments include a believable rational for what I call the anti Christian bend of this country. With that being said, I really want to know what is happening so if there is an explanation, please share.

Until next time…..

8 thoughts on “I knew Donald Trump’s twin

  1. There are more of us than you know. You are so not alone.


  2. I used to be a conservative christian. Now the whole scene makes me nauseous. I was in that scene in the late nineties when they were throwing fits about Monica Lewinsky and wanting Clinton impeached. “Family values! Family values! Family values!” they shouted. All of it were lies. Every single word. Now they support once sexual predator who endorses another sexual predator (Trump giving the thumbs up to the pedophile Moore). EEEEuuuwww. Where are their family values now? Truth? They never had any. It is pure hypocrisy. Always was. Only now, everyone else sees it for the total lack of integrity it reveals. They have sacrificed their integrity and credibility on the altars of Trump and Moore for a few years (not even a generation) of secular power. Their integrity and credibility are gone forever. Conservative christianity in this country is now void of power, love, and justice. They will never have a voice again.

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    • I totally agree! It’s probably good we can’t meet in a coffee shop and let our backgrounds collaborate.we would both walk out with hair on fire from the anger! I’m with you!


  3. Apart from religion though, I do know some ppl who are still supporting Trump. I may in the back of my mind think they’re not very smart….but I do know that some of them are good ppl. The kind of neighbor you’d like having. A person you could call for help any time of the day or night and they’d be there, no questions asked. Why they support him, I’ll never understand. Aside from the afore mentioned possibility, there’s also the ppl who are just plain staunch Republicans because their late parents were and they somehow think they’re honoring them. I also think that some of them are just so tired of politics, knowing it’s all corrupt, and tired of always getting the shaft, whether it’s financially or insurance kind of things, that they just want different. anything that isn’t the establishment….and we’re back to the first thought. It’s really hard to wrap one’s head around it.

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    • I think that is the bottom line ref trump. People voted for him because of the corrupt politics in Washington and anyone south of upper class were not getting a fair shake…losing more and more…I get that! But how do they continue this support knowing he is the king of corrupt?


      • They ignore everything and write it off as fake news. And in reality there is a lot of fake news out there, Sadly, it’s mostly what they’re watching. When you don’t wanna know, you bury your head in the sand.

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  4. I was raised in an Episcopal church, not a fire and brimstone one. And friends with a Catholic priest who lived across the street from me growing up, a Baptist minister down the street, a Mormon family, a few Jewish families, a Budist neighbor…and many others. Of any of them, maybe the Baptist minister is the closet to extremism I have encountered personally. I will never understand how you can proclaim to believe in Jesus, want to follow him and think it’s ok to do exactly the opposite of everything he stood for. If you’re going to thump the bible, at least read it in it’s entirety, instead of picking and choosing what suits you. I think these ppl use religion to excuse their bigotry. They are so not Christian, no matter what they proclaim, simply extremists, hateful ones.

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  5. I too have been absolutely stunned, by the amount from support from “Christians”. Like, I can’t even wrap my head around it. 1st of all, I don’t believe that any true Jesus followers have any business voting. Somewhere along the line values have to be compromised no matter what side of the coin you’re on. And then going so far to align yourself with someone so morally and ethically bankrupt because they happen to support maybe 1 or 2 issues, I can’t fathom the level of compromise and lying to oneself it would take to do that. My very personal belief is we have no business voting if it means we have to compromise and we have no business running around scared and afraid. What we ought to be doing, is stepping outside of the political arena, and helping… helping to comfort, helping to clothe, helping to feed, sitting with someone in their sorrow, living at peace as much as possible. But, that’s just me. That my own opinion. The world today can be sad and overwhelming, But, I hope there are enough truly good truly Jesus loving people who want to be the light that shows through the cracks.

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