On my mind today

  • Where, why and how does mucous generate and is it really just sitting in my sinus waiting for a blow?
  • Why do women discard their bras when they get home. How do you stand going braless?
  • Why does the humidity lower in the house when it is cold outside? It’s still 71 degrees in the house!
  • How can I gain 4 pounds in 2 days but it takes 4 days to take it off?

That’s it!

4 thoughts on “On my mind today

  1. Humidity is all about the dew point. The temperature can never drop below the dew point. When the two meet, the humidity is 100%. The colder the air, the less moisture it can hold. In other words, 100% humidity at 70 degrees feels unbelievably different than 100% humidity at 20 degrees. Outside, it might be 35 degrees, 100% humidity (probably snowing). That means the dew point is 35 degrees. You walk indoors and it is 70 degrees and the dew point is 35 degrees (like it is outside) and the air is so dry your skin cracks.
    Also, anywhere on your body where the inside meets the outside and you do not have normal skin, you have a mucous membrane of some kind to protect the inside from the outside germs. Nasal passages, mouth, eyes, reproductive area, and the like all need some defense against outside invaders. Mucus is your body’s way of trying to surround, isolate, destroy, and expel any invaders.
    As far as bras go, I wear mine all year. I cannot imagine going without the support. Also, it is winter and going without one now just sounds c-c-cold.

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  2. LOL All good questions.
    I thought about getting a reduction years ago. I wish I’d done it. Bras are the bane of my existence. But going without isn’t too comfy either. Especially as gravity takes over. 😦

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  3. “The extra secretion of mucus to the nose β€” which comes from the cells that line your sinuses and upper reparatory tract β€” is the effort to flush out the nasal passages to send unwelcome germs packing”

    I often go braless, less often than I used to though. I am not, however, ‘busty’.

    There is relative and absolute humidity. Absolute humidity is the actual amount of water vapor in the air. This drops as the temperature drops. Cold air is dryer than hot air – the type of air drives the type of humidity you experience. Hot air = more water vapor, ie relative humidity, Cold air = less water vapor, ie absolute humidity

    It’s far easier to gain weight than to lose weight because our bodies are designed fight off starvation, so when we eat, and over eat, our bodies are like ‘bring it on!’ and then all of this awesome deliciousness is stored in the off chance we’re then going to take the next four days to basically starve ourselves back into sensibility. In order to lose the extra pounds, its necessary to expend more calories than we’re taking in. Since the majority of us aren’t doing that on a consistent basis, it takes longer to get rid of the extra weight.

    there you go, so now you know. πŸ˜‰

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